Reader: Disappointing that Valadao did not vote for Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act

The people of the 22nd Congressional District are hurting. Diesel prices are sky-rocketing and hurting the farmers who supply the fruits and vegetables on American’s kitchen tables. It is said that diesel powers America. The cost of diesel influences the cost of transportation and goods. When it becomes more expensive to drive a truck, all […]

Protecting free speech: Tulare County residents reflect on impact of historic Supreme Court ruling

While Jehovah’s Witnesses have chosen to temporarily suspend their door-to-door ministry due to the pandemic, their activity was almost permanently banned by one U.S. village in the late 1990s — that is until the United States Supreme Court stepped in with a historic 8-1 decision on June 17, 2002, declaring the local ordinance unconstitutional. As […]

Vote to Re-elect District Attorney Keith Fagundes

District Attorney Keith Fagundes is committed to the pursuit of truth and justice. He is an outstanding Advocate for the People of Kings County. He is committed to holding the guilty accountable, protecting the innocent and preserving the dignity of victims and their families. He truly ensures the District Attorney’s Office maintains the highest ethical […]

The power behind the phone: separating fact from fiction

“And be it indeed that I have erred, mine error remaineth with myself” Job 19:4. Laws regarding personal responsibility—whether biblical or contemporary—hold every person accountable for their own actions. United States law extends the concept of personhood to corporations as well as humans (U.S. Code Title 1, section 1: “…the words “person” and “whoever” include […]

Letter: Working for Fagundes’ District Attorney Office was “the best learning experience,” “amazing work experience”

I am writing to describe my experience working for the Kings County District Attorneys Office. Working at the Kings County District Attorney under the leadership and direction of Keith Fagundes, Phil Esbenshade, and William Wolfe was an amazing work experience from start to finish. I came to the Kings County District Attorney’s Office from Orange […]