Cooking With Gas

We now live in a house whose stove is fueled by gas. There’s nothing unusual about this–it’s just different, that’s all, and requires a bit of getting used to. Things heat up more urgently, somehow, altering my cooking routines and confirming one saying while debunking another. I can now appreciate that when you’re “cooking with […]

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb

I have been amazed as I’ve watched Tulare, my community’s response to Measure I, the measure to complete construction of our unfinished hospital tower. The question is a simple one: Do we want to fund completion our hospital tower or don’t we? What I have been amazed at is how my community, including some of […]

Response from Yes on Measure I: “GOTV and Citizen for Hospital Accountability’s Unethical Practice”

In an election as monumental as Saving Our ONLY Public Hospital in Tulare, we believe it is critical that every eligible resident’s voice in our Healthcare District be heard. The Measure I special election will literally decide the fate of the communities within our healthcare district. From Pixley to Tipton, from Waukena to Alpaugh, from […]

Why Vote No on Measure I?

Soon we will be receiving our mail-in ballots to cast our votes on one thing — Measure I, the $55M hospital bond. We as a community have a duty to understand just what it is that we are voting on — and for. This bond, if passed, will burden this hospital district, all homeowners and […]

TRMC and the Local Economy

I think it’s time for some “facts checks” regarding a letter to the editor (Visalia Times Delta) from the TRMC board member Linda Wilbourn dated July 20, 2016. I would like to address primarily the third paragraph of her letter. Mrs. Wilbourn states “…the likelihood of the hospital closing is real.” Is that her opinion […]