Dear Max

Dear Max– I hope this letter finds you well, but given the state of the postal service these days my hope is simply that it finds you at all. Maybe this is why nobody writes letters anymore. So–if this has indeed found you–know that I’m also sending my love to Anne and the Mongol Horde. […]

The Valley Voice Wraps up 2015

Reflecting on 2015’s top stories brought about revelations concerning small towns, the importance of the media and why some people hate Facebook. Our top three stories of the year came out of Tulare, Woodlake and Hanford, showing the pent up demand for small towns to get better media coverage. Hanford does have its own newspaper, […]

Commentary: Kaweah Delta’s Newly Created Parking Taskforce

Kaweah Delta continues to plan for vital, life-saving health care services in support of this community’s needs. These plans include a greatly expanded emergency department, completing the fifth and sixth floors of the Acequia Wing for cardiology and neonatal intensive care services and expanding our operating room capacity, and building a new urgent care center […]

Ah, 2016!

Writing this first column of 2016, I’d like to begin by wishing everyone a happy New Year. But I can’t. I can’t wish a happy 2016 for ISIS–or for extremists of any stripe, anywhere–and I certainly can’t wish a happy year to those who for their own reasonsactively harm others. I can only wish they […]

This Is Our Pearl Harbor

By “our” I mean the world’s, in its now–after ISIS’ Paris attacks–international fight against “Islamic” terrorism. Note that I put Islamic in quotation marks. It seems to me there’s nothing remotely Islamic–a word whose root, Islam, means, if I remember correctly, Peace–in terrorism. The United States, of course, has endured more than its fair share […]