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  1. If the Mooney’s Grove cats continue to be killed, due to the lack of concern for living creatures by Supervisor Phil Cox and others, my next vote will be for, without doubt, ANOTHER candidate. Ms. Amy King should have to appear before a review board to justify her actions against Ms. Monfross and if found inappropriate, loose her job as a result. The county can’t even site cost as a factor since it is costly to destroy even one cat from the park colonies, while supporting the cat colonies is volunteerism at it’s best. It appears that Supervisor Cox doesn’t have a compassion for animals, which leads me to question if perhaps he’s quite likely not too keen about the value/preservation of all life. It takes a cold heart to kill any living thing needlessly.

    Kudo’s to Dr. Weber and the volunteers. Shame on the SPCA for buckling under pressure.

    • please call me concerning Green acres Middle School play “Music Man” Feb. 12 – 15
      Thank you, Tom Link 967-4886

  2. Your article included a “Petition to Save The Cats” to be downloaded, however, there was no further information on where to mail the petition. Please advise.

  3. You don’t have to kill those cats!
    They are abandoned animals, it isn’t their fault they have to survive on their own. Do we kill people because they are on the streets, or because they are abandoned! Put a stop to this madness!
    Isn’t it against the law to kill an animal? And why are they killing the geese?
    Leave the animals alone.

  4. Regarding the editorial “The Rainy Season is Coming”, I don’t know how long the author has lived in Tulare County. I have lived here almost 65 years and my grandparents moved here in 1908. I know valley weather and it hasn’t changed much. The assertion that rains have always come regularly in the past was good for quite a laugh. This is nothing new. 1975, 76 and 77 were among several periods that were very similar . It flooded in 1978. There have been droughts and periods of extended high temperatures numerous times. To claim that the current conditions are due to man-made climate change is an assertion that takes a giant leap of faith. More simply put, it is absurd.

  5. I’m trying to contact someone to get an Art Event into the voice. Please reply or contact me at 559 688-6158′

    This would be from the Tulare Palette Club

  6. Just wanted you to know how happy I am that the Valley Voice is back. You seem to give us more info than the TD. Is there any more news on Sequoia Mall and future tenants?

  7. I worked with Ralph Kaelble and Tim Ward in the District Attorney’s Office from 1999 to 2010 (the year I retired). I would like to tell you why I think Ralph Kaelble is the best man for the job of Tulare County District Attorney. He is an excellent attorney and a very capable supervisor of other attorneys.

    Ralph is a person who is easy to talk to, and is able to interview victims and witnesses in a very comforting way. I found Ralph easy to work with, and if any problems in the office came up, he was always one of the first people I would go to for advice. He is very easy to talk to and he is a very caring person.

    Dianne Pyle
    Visalia, CA

  8. Re: Orosi Candidates’ forum (4-4-14 edition). Ms. Castillo’s comment in reference to the candidates;”You can tell who spoke from the heart and who was a politician.” I really don’t “get it”. Aren’t ALL candidates for political office vying to become a POLITICIAN? So then, why is there the inference that being a politician a four-letter word? If this candidate’s forum was supposed to be a politically-neutral venue- then why the thinly-disguised sarcasm of the organizer?

    Donna L. Clemons
    Armona, CA
    (559) 583-8467

  9. Does the Valley Voice take announcements/ads for rummage sales, and, if so, how should one be submitted, and what is the deadline for posting in the May 1 edition?

  10. Letter in support of Ralph Kaelble for Tulare County District Attorney:

    I am writing a letter in support of Ralph Kaelble for Tulare County District Attorney. I am from a law enforcement family, so I understand the important role that the District Attorney plays in the county. I retired from the Tulare County District Attorney’s office with 30 years of service as Chief Secretary. My husband retired as a Lieutenant with Tulare County Fire Department, and both our children are in law enforcement. I grew up, went to school, married, and raised my family here in Tulare County. I care very deeply about this county and the people who live here. My family supports Ralph Kaelble.

    The job is a critical one which requires the legal skills, knowledge, interpersonal relationships, and dedication that I feel only Ralph Kaelble brings to the table. I have worked with both Ralph Kaelble and Tim Ward their entire legal careers in Tulare County. I have always known Ralph to be an honest and hardworking person that will put the interests of the residents of Tulare County above any other concerns or issues. Being approachable and open to seeing the whole situation, rather than one that is narrow minded, is another strong point for Ralph. I think it speaks volumes that the majority of law enforcement associations have endorsed Ralph Kaelble over the APPOINTED incumbent Tim Ward. The rank and file officers know who they can support and trust. I ask everyone to vote on election day for Ralph Kaelble.

  11. Press Release:

    26th Annual Visalia Downtown Car Show
    Presented by Visalia Breakfast Lions Club, Groppetti Automotive & Budweiser
    Visalia CA, May 17, 2014: Come and join us for the 26th Annual Visalia Downtown Car Show taking place on Main Street, downtown Visalia, May 17th, starting at 9:30 AM. The event is open to the public and admission is free so bring the family for a fun filled day. There will be plenty of awesome cars to check out and lots of things going on including a pancake breakfast presented by Boy Scouts Troop 310, street vendors, blood drive, RC cars for the kids to test drive, local high school bands preforming and much much more. Registration to have your vehicle in the show is $25.00 in advance and $30.00 after May 12th up to the day of the show. Register by May 12th and receive one free ticket and special parking to the Downtown Expo taking place Friday Night May 16th. Vehicle awards will be given for Best In Show, Paint, Interior, Engine, Modified and Original Appearing Vehicle. Register online at or call (559) 697-3762. All proceeds from the show go to benefit the Visalia Breakfast Lions Charities. See you there!

  12. Happy to finally see those nice bright yellow boxes that I can get the Valley Voice with out going into a eating place only. The one on the Youngs parking lot as well as the service station on Akers. The only that is missing your contact phone number in the box that says Published by the Valley Voice LLC

    • Not the entire field. We did profile Juan Duran (3 April, 2014) because of the unique position he found himself in. We are trying to focus on the larger elections. In regard to Porterville’s Supervisorial representation, we have interviewed Virginia Gurrola (16 January) and Greg Shelton (6 March). We are planning an interview with Felipe Martinez for the 15 May edition.

  13. Do you have someone you can send to our Tea Party meeting in Tulare? 6pm tonight. Candidates Devin Mathis and Lydia Guieterrez State Superintendant for Public Instruction will be speaking about Common Core. She was an educator so she knows all the ins and outs of the education dept. 135 W Tulare Ave Tulare
    Also if you would like to attend the last Candidate Forum in Porterville on May 21…Nuckles Ranch 6 pm…Free horsdouvers and no host bar.

  14. I came to Tulare County 28 years ago after I was discharged from the U.S. Army. I then had the pleasure to serve the citizens of Tulare County for over 27 years as a deputy sheriff, before I retired last year. During my life I have been around many people in leadership positions, including several that graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. This is a school that has turned out some of the greatest leaders this country has seen. During my time with the Sheriff’s Office, I knew both candidates currently running for the Office of Sheriff. While Mike Boudreaux never graduated from the U.S. Military Academy, his abilities as a leader rival those who have. I have seen the hard work Mike Boudreaux has done for the citizens of Tulare County. During my last eight months with the Sheriff’s Office, Mike became the Undersheriff. I saw the morale of the Sheriff’s Office under Mike’s leadership rise to a level I had never seen before. I still keep in touch with several of my former colleagues and they overwhelmingly support Mike Boudreaux for Sheriff.

    Some people have said that the race for Tulare County Sheriff is about leadership and the “good old boys,” and they are right. This is about leadership and Mike Boudreaux is the finest leader I have ever worked with. As Acting Sheriff, Mike has upheld the highest level of integrity and he has proven to be the opposite of a “good old boy.” If elected Sheriff, Mike will continue moving the Sheriff’s Office forward. I am asking you to join me in voting for Mike Boudreaux for Sheriff to ensure safe communities for Tulare County.

    Jim McKay
    Retired Sergeant of the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office
    Terra Bella, CA

  15. 1. The Appointed DA’s Cavalier Attitude towards Law Enforcement Personnel

    A while back a Fresno Bee article about the two Tulare County District Attorney candidates revealed some very interesting facts about them. According to the article:
    “The race for Tulare County District Attorney heated up when Kaelble scored endorsements from several rank-and-file police officer associations. ‘There’s no boots-on-the-ground law enforcement group supporting my opponent,’ Kaelble said.
    “Ward said police officer associations are labor unions usually controlled by a handful of people. ‘My opponent has personal friends on those boards,’ Ward said. By contrast, ‘the leadership of law enforcement is behind me,’ he said.”
    As retired law enforcement officers, we are insulted that Mr. Ward has such a cavalier attitude toward the real law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line to protect the community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To dismiss the law enforcement officers from seven separate organizations who have endorsed Mr. Kaelble as laborers who are “controlled by a handful of people” and to brag that he is supported by the “leadership of law enforcement” demonstrates the attitude of this man, who was appointed District Attorney without any proper recruitment process and review, just a few months ago.
    His attitude shows that he does not care about what officers on the street think in regards to how his office runs. He only cares about whether the chiefs endorse him. The officers send cases to the DA’s Office every day and go to court on those cases. They are not happy with how the cases are being handled. Their endorsements of Mr. Kaelble show that they see the need for change. They have worked with Mr. Kaelble, they have heard his plans to make improvements and they support him.
    We have had enough arrogance from Mr. Ward, and we should not have to take it anymore. We need to hold our elected officers accountable, and humble.
    In support of the above, I offer this web site reference for all readers:
    We met both Mr. Ward and Mr. Kaelble after they announced that they were running for election. Mr. Kaelble’s professionalism was evident right from the start and we are proud to give our support to Mr. Ralph Kaelble.
    When we as citizens are in need of help we call upon a Law Enforcement Officer to help us. Now our Officers are turning to us for help. We need to help them keep the Criminals off the street. We need to support our Law Enforcement Officers and their endorsements and Elect Ralph Kaelble for District Attorney. He is the right choice for Tulare County.
    Jeff & Sally Blagg

  16. While, I am so happy to see the Valley Voice is providing a service to its readers, with information and news that is local. I would, like to see more reporting on what we have to look forward to in the coming months for Visalia.

    More, emphessis on bussinesses that plan to open in Visalia in the coming months. For example, if “Trader Joes” is opening a new store in Visalia is that newsworthy? I don’t recall reading any news, that “El Pollo Loco” is opening it’s first store in Visalia?

    I guess, what I am trying to say, when I said, “What we have to look forward to.” It would be nice to read more information that brings civic pride to this community. Like, beautification efforts, planting drought tolerant oak trees, news on redevelopement efforts or improvements happening in the community.

    I prefer, to read the Valley Voice for new happenings on the horizon. What is more mightier in the horizon, then the majestical mighty oak tree? Certainly, improves the landscape surrounding us.

    Sincerely, Dane Wolfley

  17. On Friday 7/25 at 10am Mt Whitney High School will show off their first ever mascot along with several cheerleaders ….. they are trying to drive school pride and discuss a golf tournament to raise money for the cheer program on Aug. 2 at Valley Oak Course

  18. I recently moved back to Tulare after an 8 year absence. I am disappointed to find the Valley Voice more Visalia-centric than ever. I enjoyed the article on the CEMEX Mine draining Lemon Cove wells. Overall however it is Visalia, Visalia, Visalia. Boring for those of us not from Visalia.

    • Thank you for your criticism. Our stories have ranged from Dinuba to Hanford to Terra Bella. We try. If you are specifically interested in Tulare, there is the Tulare Voice, an online news site.

  19. Suicide awareness and prevention starts with each of us: PLEASE understand, Asking someone “are you thinking of killing yourself?” does not increase risk but SAVES LIVES. Tulare County Psychiatric Emergency Team (PET) can be called 24/7 @ 730-9992 or 1 (800) 320-1616. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255 (Spanish line 1-888-628-9454). The Tulare and Kings Counties Suicide Prevention Task Force (SPTF) has many resources and services ( Check out the Festical of Hope 9/27/14 at the Tulare Outlet Center, 10AM-6PM. Let’s all stay safe! David D. Wood, Ph.D. – Licensed Psychologist

  20. Barbara Hilger of Girl Scouts Central California South (our local Council) will be holding a city-wide recruitment for Leaders and girls at the ELKS annual Red Ribbon Carnival. This free community carnival will take place Oct.25, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Visalia Elks Lodge 1298 3100 W. Main St., Visalia. Thomas Higgins is the Drug Awareness Chair for the Lodge. Melanie Mckimmons 471-8684 or [email protected] is the contact person for this event.

  21. Hello. I was wondering how I can submit an event to your calendar. We have the Fresno Pacific University String Quartet performing in Hanford on February 8th. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!

  22. I’m a native Visalian now living in the SF Bay area. I attended Mt. Whitney High School and sang in the choir there between 1970-74. I sing in a group, The Choral Project. We will be singing at St. Mary’s in Visalia on Saturday evening, February 27 at 7:00 p.m. I’m trying to get word out to folks that I sang with, the arts community and school choral groups. Additional information available at Thanks for your work.

  23. Please be aware the Mary Bryant is not authorized to solicit and collect money for the renovation of Mooney Grove. Her ideas for the park are outdated, not feasible or possible. Mary was offered a task of raising some money to buy a bench for Mooney Grove and told the county person that “she could find one cheaper at Home Depot” and left his office in a huff. Is this the person you want trying to restore the park?
    The “20-Year Plan” by the county is well conceived, well thought out and will benefit the park in a long term fashion. Mary has “pulled the wool” over the eyes of many and please think twice before donating any money to her group. She needs to be investigated by the local law enforcement fraud team and I hope she is.
    Hugh W. Baca – Great-Nephew to Hugh Mooney

    • Hugh Bacca YUou should really get your facts straight before you go publicity blasting me I am already incorporated and I am in fact finishing up for my 501c3 status I have not in fact taken a dime towards Mooney Grove park You have obviously been listening to the General Manager of Parks and Rec I was not asked to buy A bench but rather to raise $ 35-45K dollars and put the money into a “General Fund” which then goes to paying other county projects pay checks,benefits etcIt is you Mr Bacca who has had the “wool” pulled over your eyes Bring on the law enforcement dude Fact is I am a threat to those persons involved at Parks and Rec Mr Bacca, You are so misinformed Parks and Rec must be laughing….All the way to the bank


    • Yes Hugh, I agree. After offering my services to sing the National Anthem, I was contacted by several people regarded Ms. Bryant and her fund-raising efforts. After being bombarded with questions about a mutual acquaintance in regards to loyalty, length of relationship, and where I finally had to take a step back, where this person actually lives. After contacting the person and asking if they knew why she would be asking for their address. I was begged to PLEASE not tell Ms Bryant where they lived and that she was stalking her, making accusations and sending fowl text messages. When I asked why she wanted her address I was given no response. That Sunday I met Ms., Bryant at her home where I was to pick up the application/form to be a performer at the 4th of July event. She did not have the form and she was nearly impossible to talk to blurting out mindlessly in the middle of my sentences, interrupting as I tried to leave messages with vendors on her behalf and generally not getting the full picture. After wanting me to solicit $Funds from the Vendors of the Visalia Farmers Market to the tune of a whopping $50, she told me she would need a ride and didn’t have a car. At that time I told her that would be fine but she would need to pay for the gas as my car takes 91 only and she lives near Westgate Gardens off Linwood. At that point IT WAS TIME FOR ME TO LEAVE, lol. She keeps saying things like, “Don’t they know who I am?!”
      I also recommended her comments be removed from this blog as they are rude, unprofessional and have not even a lick of grammar. I also told her she is dealing with people who follow a set of rules, the GOLDEN RULES and if she wants to make progress she will have to follow those same rules, No Lying, Stealing, deceiving or anything the like. To which she retorted she would just need a VooDoo Doll then. She also claimed to see ghosts.
      After this interaction at her home I was contacted by two other individuals who warned me to stay clear of her and to not be associated with her or the event. This is when I took it one step further and called Mike Cox myself. He and his secretary Melissa took the time to talk to me in a professional manner and share with me the improvements that have been made to the park and why her “improvement Plan” was not possible. This was all very reasonable and I felt they were holding back on personal info they had documented regarding her mental stability. Of course they did not comment much, but I met her in person and went to her home. Something is definitely not right with this woman, and that’s coming from a woman who has videos about aliens, demons, stargates, and all topics Sci-Fi…Jess Sayin’
      She also claimed I had no right to call the city or Mr Cox. We all have a right and further more it is my personal responsibility to check on the legitimacy of a fund-raising event I would be appearing and performing at.
      Ms. Bryant also has no right to raise $ for the park Dept and further more I keep begging the question, “If she is not authorized to do any repairs and the Parks & Rec Dept. don’t want her money then WHERE IS THE $ GOING? To her personal Vendetta against Phill Cox?
      In 2008, my car broke down, Tim Cox drove me around to see if he could get me an old city vehicle for cheap. There were none available at that time, but the point is, he didn’t have to help me on a Saturday morning, but he did. “you will know them by their fruit”
      Ms. Bryant’s children, several “board members” and the attorney that was assisting her have all walked away from her FACEBOOK GROUP/ORGANIZATION.
      She seems paranoid, and “un-hinged”, she told me she has to be suspicious of everyone because she is a “target”.
      Mr. Cox didn’t seemed too worried about her at all, she made a fool of herself at the Board Room meeting and showed up in street clothes and wet hair. Her comments followed a celebrated moment that had everyone in a wonderful mood. She followed by calling out Phil Cox and others, name calling and nastiness in general. Here are some of the FB messages she sent me after I clearly wanted nothing to do with her or her paranoia.
      “Your services will not be needed at our event What I do not tolerate is someone causing trouble and sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong We did not ask nor invite you to call the city nor speak to Mr Cox about ANYTHING concerning us, our event, or the park And you can tell him we don’t give a shit what he thinks and why so defensive ? Because WE KNOW WHY Good luck”

      See what I mean?

  24. I have an upcoming event. Our coffee shop, Jack’s Cafe’ (formally Java Island) has it’s Grand Opening on Valentine’s Day. We will have coffee tasting, petting zoo, pony rides, prize drawings, and a few local community booths. How do we get this listed as an upcoming event?

    • If you email us the exact particulars–time, date, duration, costs, freebies, etc.–I’ll snap it in the calendar.

  25. Letters Editor:

    Founded in 2008, the Tulare & Kings Counties Chapter of PFLAG continues to serve the parents, families, friends, and supporters of the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer/Questioning) community in Tulare and Kings Counties. From its founding in New York City in 1972 by Jeanne Manford, a mother determined to support her gay son, PFLAG has grown into an international organization dedicated to, as mentioned in the Tulare-Kings PFLAG’s mission statement, “promoting the health and well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons, their families and friends through: support, to cope with an adverse society; education, to enlighten an ill-informed public; and advocacy, to end discrimination and to secure equal civil rights.”
    “PFLAG provides opportunity for dialogue about sexual orientation and gender identity, and acts to create a society that is healthy and respectful of human diversity.”
    The rapid change in our society’s acceptance of the LGBTQ community, especially in the last decade, has left many people wondering how they can help, or how they can obtain factual, reliable information concerning friends and/or family who come out as LGBTQ. PFLAG chapters across the country, and in other nations around the world, provide a safe, confidential, local source of support and community.
    Tulare & Kings Counties PFLAG meets every third Sunday of the month, at the Educational and Cultural Center, Congregation B’nai David, 1039 S. Chinowth Rd, Visalia, at 3pm. Meetings are open to the public, and individuals and families who are looking for information and support, whether they are interested in learning more about the LGBTQ community, or are coping with the news that a loved one is LGBTQ, are encouraged to attend. Members of the LGBTQ community are also invited to attend, to give and receive support.
    Each meeting begins with introductions and announcements, followed by break-out groups for discussion and support. The second hour is a presentation by invited guests or members to speak on topics of concern to the LGBTQ community, their families, and the general public. Future presentations will include speakers from the Female Leadership Academy, discussions of LGBTQ youth homelessness, and issues facing the transgender community.
    For more information, visit or visit us on Facebook at
    Jim Reeves
    Membership Director
    Tulare-Kings PFLAG

    Jim Reeves
    3823 W. Tulare Ave., Visalia 559 284 1819

  26. THE REAL MOONEY GROVE PROJECT is forming it’s BOARD OF DIRECTORS I am looking for a TREASURER preferably with bookeeing /banking experience We are planning a fundraiser for May 2015 Join our cause Face book The Real Mooney Grove Project The Real Mooney Grove Project Memories and Alot of new things going on Donating thru the COUNTY to MOONEY GROVE means that money goes into a GENERAL FUND meaning it NEVER goes to the park It goes toward other county projects,paychecks,employee benefits etc NO WONDER THE PARK IS SUCH A MESS In the last 14 years the park has disintegrated at the hands of COUNTY and Parks and Rec officials IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGING OF THE GUARD Please join our over 800 members and STOP THE DESTRUCTION AND BRING BACK OUR PARK

  27. I would like to spread the word that there will be a Lindsay High School Alumni Picnic at Mooney Grove Park, April 25,2015, Arbor 9. Starts at 11:00 AM until ?
    Everyone who ever attended Lindsay School is invited to attend this picnic, bring your own preferred lunch and beverage. There will be desert table for those who may want to bring one to share.
    Arbor 9 has space for 400 people

  28. Hello
    I am trying to get in touch with Julie Hernandez and I don’t have her contact info. I have an article to publish in the paper. If you could pass my message on to her I would be most appreciative
    Thank you
    Grace Harvey
    [email protected]

  29. Am interested in a copy of the March 19th issue of Tulare Valley Voice regarding an article about my granddaughter, Tristen Myers, girl’s basketball player going to Mission Oak High School.
    Please advise process procedure.
    Michele Myers

  30. I’ve had a horrible experience with a local well company telling me they charge a certain price per hour for labor which they hid in their verbal estimate, then they over charged me by about 400%. A realtor told me the well companies are charging between $15,000-$750,000 to drill deeper wells, which cannot be legitimate. Has anyone else had a similar problem? If so, I would like to contact you.

  31. How would I look for my son? the short story, Mom took him away at 6 years old from me and took him out of state with out me knowing about it until a years after my divorce and hit with child support until he turned 18, I finally saw him at 18 in Phoenix, Az for about a few days until he disappeared again when my ex wife took him to the greyhound bus with out my knowing about it, now again 8 years has passed away without a word, he mom and family is all over Facebook and just ONE photo of my son on my ex wife’s FB page under her sisters name. What I would do now that this has happen and with out contact because of misunderstandings and hate? How would I find him?

    • I’m sorry to read this, and sorry–past the boilerplate suggestions–to admit I have no idea. Best of luck.

  32. I was grateful to see your front page story regarding the demise of Mooney Grove. I, like the mother in the article, made the mistake of taking my three-yr. old grandson there to “feed the ducks.” It was more like visiting a mine field of Canadian Geese poop. Not only was it nearly impossible to walk, but the geese were so aggressive as we tried to throw bread to the little ducks that I had to protect him between my legs. If he were a more timid child, he would have been terrified. This is an absolute disaster. I add my voice to the complaints.

  33. Small correction: In your print edition’s “Columns & Letters” section, my comment beginning “For most people considering a move to a city….” was made under the “Chickens Do Not Cross Road” story, not the one on Mooney Grove.

    • Sorry. The website assigns what the reply is to, and we take it at face value. We should, perhaps, check it against the text.

  34. Independence Day

    Dear Editor,

    Nearly 240 years ago, our founding fathers declared our national independence from Great Britain. This 4th of July, let’s declare our independence from the meat industry.

    More than 60 percent of U.S. agricultural subsidies pay for meat, dairy, and egg production. Fresh fruit and vegetable farmers receive less than one percent of the total. It’s time to declare our independence by stopping these subsidies.

    Our annual medical care expenditures for diseases associated with consumption of animal products are estimated at $300 billion. Much of the cost is borne by our taxes through Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Administration, and Obamacare. It’s time to declare our independence by taxing animal products to recover these costs.

    Currently, the meat industry is getting Congress to gut dietary recommendations by a government-appointed panel of our nation’s top nutritionists. The panel recommended incorporating reduced meat consumption and sustainability of food sources in our dietary guidelines. It’s time to declare our independence by telling the meat industry to butt out of our dietary guidelines.

    In the meantime, each of us can declare our personal independence from the meat industry by refusing to subsidize it on our next trip to the supermarket.


    Bryan Vicenti
    1147 N Enos St
    Visalia CA 93292

    Editor References:

    Meatonomics by David Simon, Conari Press, 2013; page 108

  35. Re: Make Officers Agents of Card, Not Mean….Bill Huott
    Today at 12:59 PM

    I reject your premise that our officers are “Agents of Mean” because they are enforcing the laws they are sworn to uphold. An officer is not going to get a subject to be compliant with a “pretty please, will you please vacate the property?” request. It must be an order given authoritatively. The officer is there because a citizen has called the department, not just because he wants to use his badge to to throw his weight around. The citizens who call do “give a damn” about the City, the law, public health, and image. Tolerance is good, to a point. Unabated, it leads to situations as in found in places like San Francisco where, as you name them, “Rent Free Campers” urinate and defecate on the public streets and sidewalks, turning a once beautiful city into a large Andy Gump.
    Your solution is for the local government to provide a designated location, with a few limitations, where “we” can deal with them. Open 8P.M. and evacuated by 6 A.M….no food, NO PERMANENT STRUCTURES, and everything set up and taken down every night, TOILETS!……of course, you will need to find the volunteers willing to provide the manpower (yes, I used MANpower,deal with it), man hours, day in, day out. Even IF you do, and get the city to provide the grounds, shelters, the security, the liability insurance, and any other needrd cost provided assistance, your plan falls apart by your very own argument; that is “They do not follow any rules but their own”. When the rules are not followed, then, these “Rent Free Campers” must be again dealt with by law enforcement. Without the officers doing their jobs, we have anarchy.

    Gordon Morton
    Visalia, Ca.

  36. What can you find out about the Tulare Police chief, and the Deputy city manager being on administrative leave at fill pay, ripping off the city at the rate of over 22.000 a month, maybe it’s the city mgr that should be fired. What a stupid manager and council for letting this kind of money go

  37. McDonald’s Egg Pledge Is a Small Step

    Dear Editor,

    McDonald’s pledge last week to start using cage-free eggs is only a small step in preventing staggering suffering endured by millions of birds.

    Hatcheries that annually supply 200 million female hens for U.S. egg production, including cage-free, also kill the same number of male chicks at birth by grinding them up alive in industrial macerators or suffocating them slowly in plastic garbage bags. The female laying hens endure a lifetime of misery, crammed with 5-6 others, in small wire-mesh cages that cut into their feet and tear out their feathers.

    Eggs are common carriers of food-borne bacteria, including Salmonella, Campylobacter. Listeria, and Staphylococcus. USDA estimates that Salmonella alone accounts for 1.3 million U.S. illnesses and 500 deaths annually.

    Eggs contain saturated fat and cholesterol, key factors in incidence of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. They are a common cause of allergies in children.

    Waste from millions of egg-laying hens ends up in waterways, rendering vast areas unsuited for recreation or water supply.

    The good news for compassionate, health-conscious, eco-friendly consumers is that our local supermarket offers a number of delicious egg substitutes and egg-free food products. Entering “egg-free” in a search engine returns tons of recipes.


    Larry Johnson

  38. In the settlement of my mother’s trust, Tulare County Superior Court appointed Howard Broadman as the mediator. During mediation he was abusive bot physically and mentally and forced family members to sign a settlement agreement he wrote up and decided. Yes,

    Yes, this is the same judge Howard Broadman who ruled that the woman be implanted with a birth control patch. Later someone tried to shoot him in the courtroom. I’d like to hear about your experience with Mr. Broadman and other mediators and arbitrators appointed by the Tulare County Superior court. Join me in a complaint.
    [email protected]
    Mrs. LeRoy Kevorkian
    Fowler, California

  39. Dear Editor,

    I was never scared of all the witches, zombies, and assorted goblins wandering around on Halloween next Saturday night.

    What really used to scare me was the meat industry.

    This is the industry that mutilates, cages, and butchers billions of cows, pigs, and other feeling animals, that exposes thousands of undocumented workers to crippling workplace injuries at slave wages, that exploits farmers and ranchers by dictating wholesale prices, then jails those who document its abuses through unconstitutional “ag-gag” laws.

    It’s the industry that generates more water pollution than any other human activity and more greenhouse gases than transportation, then promotes world hunger by feeding nutritious corn and soybeans to animals.

    It’s the industry that threatens our public health with increased risk of killer diseases, that creates antibiotic-resistant pathogens by feeding antibiotics to animals, then bullies health authorities to remove anti-meat warnings from their public messages.

    Now, that’s really scary stuff.

    But, instead of being scared, I decided to fight back by dropping animal products from my menu. I am no longer scared of the meat industry, and I invite everyone to join me.


    Bryan Vicenti

  40. Our church Tulare 1st. assembly of God is going to have its first car show on 3/12/16.How do we go about entering this on your event calendar in you paper? Thank you.

    • Go to Issuu––and search for Valley Voice. You’ll find every edition since June 2013.

  41. Meat and Cigarettes

    Dear Editor,

    Thank you to the World Health Organization for having the courage to speak truth to power: meat, like cigarettes and asbestos, does cause cancer! No U.S. health agency would ever say this for fear of losing Congressional funding.

    The World Cancer Research Fund and a number of other international health agencies have been advising for years that meat consumption raises the risk of colon and other forms of cancer, but the WHO panel was actually able to determine a causal effect.

    The 630-page report was drafted by a panel of 22 experts from ten countries who reviewed 800 studies of the link between meat and cancer. These included animal experiments, studies of human diet and health, and research into cellular processes that cause cancer.

    The panel’s conclusions evoked strong responses, with obvious resistance from the meat industry and calls for warning labels, akin to those mandated for cigarettes, from environmental groups.

    Cancer of the colon is expected to kill nearly 50,000 Americans this year, mostly through a self-inflicted diet. Fortunately, annual per capita U.S. meat consumption has dropped by 15% from a high of 121 pounds in 2002, as consumers switch to healthier, more convenient, and tastier plant-based alternatives.


    Larry Johnson
    3330 S Crenshaw St #D
    Visalia, CA 93277

  42. Open Letter to the LGBTQ+ Community and Allies of Tulare County

    John my husband and I, at the request of the California State Democratic Party, in February of this year organized and formed a Tulare County Stonewall Democrats Club. This club is an official Democratic Party Chartered organization with the goal of giving the community some positive political voice.
    I am highly disappointed in the lack of support and participation from the members of the Tulare County LGBTQ+ community.
    We even changed the day of the month we have our meeting at the request of some as to not conflict with other organizations meetings and those people have never bothered to attend a meeting.
    Too many in the LGBTQ+ community sit and complain about there being nothing here to support them and when there is an organization formed they don’t even bother to attend, join or support it.
    It is up to the same few in Tulare County that organize and try to make positive change for our community. It is time that everyone in the LGBTQ+ community look in the mirror and do some soul searching and ask themselves have I done enough to help myself let alone the entire community.
    The Tulare County Stonewall Democrats meet the 2nd Monday of the month at 208 W. Main St. Visalia (Montgomery Square) in the conference room at the bottom of the stairs at 7 p.m.

    Brock Neeley
    Porterville CA

  43. Why Skip the Turkey on Thanksgiving?

    Dear Editor:

    While President Obama is pardoning two turkeys for Thanksgiving, every one of us can exercise that same presidential power by choosing a nonviolent Thanksgiving observance that spares a turkey’s life.

    And here are some good reasons:
    • You can brag about pardoning a turkey – like Obama.
    • You truly are what you eat. Who wants to be a “butterball”?
    • Fruits and vegetables don’t have to carry government warning labels.
    • You won’t sweat the environment and food resources devastation guilt trip.
    • You won’t spend a sleepless night wondering how the turkey lived and died.
    • Your body will appreciate a holiday from saturated fat, cholesterol, and hormones.
    • You won’t have to call Poultry Hotline to keep your family out of the emergency room.

    Seriously, this Thanksgiving, let’s give thanks for our good fortune, health, and happiness with a life-affirming, cruelty-free feast of vegetables, fruits, and grains.

    Our own dinner will feature a soy or wheat-based roast, mashed potatoes, stuffed squash, candied yams, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. An internet search on “vegetarian Thanksgiving” is getting us more recipes and other useful information than we could possibly use.


    Bryan Vicenti

  44. Why, when you have a color banner on the top of your December 17, 2015 issue announcing, “New: The Interview – see Voices of the Valley, page 13”, is the article not on your web page? Have friends who would like to read the article, but it isn’t there. A link would be nice so those who don’t live in the area could easily read it. A reply would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  45. New Year’s Resolution

    Dear Editor,

    Must we really resolve to improve our diets or exercise routines in the New Year, in order to increase longevity or improve quality of life?

    Unfortunately, gun violence and traffic accidents are still the leading causes of death among young people. Fortunately, however, our fork – yet another deadly weapon – is within our own control. Well over a million of us are killed each year by high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and other chronic diseases linked to our meat-based diet.

    So how exactly are we in control? According to Gallup, more and more of us are choosing to avoid meat (22%) and also dairy products (12%). Supermarket chains, along with Target and Walmart, offer a growing selection of delicious and healthy plant-based meats and dairy products. Animal meat consumption has dropped by 8% in the past decade.

    Hundreds of school, college, hospital, and corporate cafeterias have embraced Meatless Monday and vegan meals. Fast-food chains like Chipotle, Panera, Subway, Taco Bell, and White Castle, are rolling out vegan options.

    Our own New Year’s resolution can easily be about empowering ourselves with plant-based entrees, lunch meats, cheeses, ice creams, and milks, as well as the more traditional green and yellow veggies. Recipes and transition tips are easy to find online.


    Larry Johnson

  46. The Diet of Lent

    Dear Editor:

    This Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, the 40-day period before Easter, when many Christians abstain from animal foods in remembrance of Jesus’ 40 days of fasting in the desert before launching his ministry.

    But meat-free Lent is much more than a symbol of religious devotion to Christ. It helps reduce the risk of chronic disease, environmental degradation, and animal abuse. Dozens of medical reports have linked consumption of animal products with elevated risk of heart failure, stroke, cancer, and other killer diseases. A 2007 U.N. report named meat production as the largest source of greenhouse gases and water pollution. Undercover investigations have documented farm animals being beaten, caged, crowded, deprived, mutilated, and shocked.

    Lent offers a superb opportunity to honor Christ’s powerful message of compassion and love by adopting a meat-free diet for Lent and beyond. After all, it’s the diet mandated in Genesis I-29 and observed in the Garden of Eden.

    Our supermarket offers a rich array of plant-based meat and dairy alternatives, as well as the more traditional vegetables, fruits, and grains. Entering “vegan recipes” in our favorite search engine offers more products, recipes, and transition tips than we can use.


    Larry Johnson
    3330 S Crenshaw St #D
    Visalia CA 93277

  47. As a veteran, I feel Donald Trump has prostituted us. My opinion comes because I feel he uses current empathy for veterans to his political purposes. I don’t like that he lumps us into one category and he says he can help. There are a large number of veterans in America. We are very diverse and have different opinions on issues. We are vets from WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, and the Middle East Wars and from other periods of recent history. We are of all races, ages, sex and sexual orientation. I believe many vets feel as I do. Trump has shown to be disingenuous towards vets. In order to lump us together, he first uses the terminology of “the veterans”. What are we, cows? He was a Vietnam War era youth, but what did he do when we were called to service? He has no history to have empathy for us.
    Early in his campaign for President, he promoted an event for “the veterans” that was put together by another promoter who created an entity that uses Veterans in its name. His stage was on the deck of a tourist attraction Battle Ship. The promoter, using the name “veteran”, in its name turned out to be an organization of one person. This person took off with monies raised disingenuously by Trump, as the organization had no members and no method to distribute money to vets. Did Trump care. No, his agenda didn’t include benefiting vets. His agenda was for his own promotion, while pimping vets to get it done.
    Recently, Trump decided to skip a national debate event because he was treated badly. I don’t think he knows what treated badly is. So, with only a few days, he organized a competing event on the same day as the national debate. His draw was to be “the veterans”. Did he care about vets? No, it was for his own political purposes. Contributions were to be deposited in a Trump Foundation account, not to veterans groups. His stated purpose was to help “the veterans”. When actually, he needed a draw to gain television ratings and an audience. He sold thousands of tickets for a 700 seat auditorium. He could then have thousands wanting to get in, claiming he was helping “the veterans”. Prostituted again by the Pimp.
    In his speeches, he says he is going to help “the poor veterans”, who are treated so badly. I’m afraid if he does anything for us, it will be counterproductive. If he were successful, he may reverse the gains the VA has made in veteran care. He may privatize us. The VA should not be privatized. Most of us go to the VA for mental health and medical care because we would rather go where we are with other vets and we are treated with respect and given quality care, not the overbooked private clinics where insurance and pharmaceutical companies run the care protocols private doctors have to follow.
    There are a lot of reasons Trump should not be president. His disingenuous use of veterans for his political purposes is tops on my list. This is ahead of the fact that he is arrogant, self-serving, conceited and self-centered.

  48. Why don’t you take classified ads? We’d love to advertise our OAK RANGE YARD SALE on APRIL 2nd from 7AM-5PM in NE Visalia. But last you don’t take classified ads.

    • Sorry, no–the paper is printed out of the county, and does not appear frequently enough to meet that threshold.

  49. Looking for Valley Voice’s most recent printed article on Tulare’s hospital. I read the article in your hardcopy newspaper but would also like to see it posted on-line. Is that going to happen?

    • No. Although we stand by the article substantively, there were too many points of contention–technical details–not to take it down and fix it. It will reappear soon in amended form.

  50. Letter to the Editor:

    No on H, the $300 Million hospital tax.
    Once again Kaweah Delta wants to build something new and to have the tax payers pay for it instead of getting their own loans, grants, and mortgages. Their campaign says the Hospital bond will shorten wait times in the ER and keep emergency services close to home. Really? Did they forget us tax payers just built and paid for their last new wing of the hospital which is not going to close? And can someone tell us how $300 million will shorten wait times? The only thing that will shorten wait times is a new Management team.
    Kaweah Delta earned over $500 million last year and they want the tax payers to pay for their new hospital? If any of us wanted to build a new home we would need to take out a Mortgage, not have our neighbors pay for it. After paying $300 million what will we get? Will we get free care, will we get better care, NO, we will just get a tax bill for $300 million. Its time us tax payers, the ones that lost jobs, lost their homes, lost their faith in the system say no to yet another wasteful tax.
    Say NO to the $300 million hospital tax
    Say NO to the $300 million for new executive offices.
    Say NO to the $300 million for executive bonuses
    Say NO on H
    Kraig Couture

  51. Eating Sustainably

    Dear Editor:
    With the 47th annual observance of Earth Day just around the corner, this is a great time to explore more effective ways of slowing climate change and conserving Earth’s natural resources for future generations.

    A 2010 UN report charged animal agriculture with 19% of man-made greenhouse gases – more than all transport – and recommended a global shift to a vegan diet. A subsequent World Watch study placed that contribution closer to 50%. Meat and dairy production also dumps more water pollutants than all other human activities combined. It is the driving force in global deforestation and wildlife habitat destruction.

    Last fall, England’s prestigious Chatham House declared that reducing meat consumption is critical to achieving global climate goals. A report from Oxford University found that global adoption of a vegan diet would reduce greenhouse emissions by two thirds. The 2015 U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has recommended reduced meat consumption and an environmentally sustainable diet.

    Just as we replace fossil fuels by sustainable energy sources such as wind and solar, we must replace animal foods with the more sustainable vegetables, fruits, and grains. Being mindful of this can help us make better choices at the supermarket.

    Larry Johnson

  52. Mathis has been endorsed by the Hispanic Chambers of Commerce. Can you please print that.

    • We have yet to see a press release to this effect, but when we do we’ll print it. In fact, Mathis has garnered a few other endorsements. If his office would release a comprehensive list of those, we’d be happy to print that, too.

  53. Any news on the Nordstrom fulfillment center? Last I heard, they were suppose to reach a decision by the beginning of this month. Have they pushed back their decision yet again?

    • Hi Daniel – it is my understanding that there is no news yet. The Valley Voice will let its readers know as soon as there is something to report.

  54. There are many sites on the web which are quite inaccessible to screen readers for the blind, sadly including the VTD. You all at are truly great and a breath of fresh air in this regard. To be honest, I had forgotten about it. Thanks for a great site and for your informative content.

  55. Is there Life Before Death?

    Dear Editor,

    It seems like there is always some special observance around the corner. There is even a World Day for Farmed Animals. It’s observed fittingly on October 2nd (Gandhi’s birthday). It’s intended to memorialize the tens of billions of animals abused and killed for food around the world.

    My first instinct was to dismiss it. But, I wanted to understand the impact of my diet and my food dollars on others.

    Recent undercover investigations showed male baby chicks suffocated in plastic garbage bags or ground to death, laying hens crowded into small wire cages, injured pigs killed by slamming their heads against the concrete floor, and cows skinned and dismembered while still conscious. As theologians debate whether there is life after death, I wondered whether these animals have a life before death and why I should subsidize these barbaric practices.

    I wonder no more, as I have now embraced a plant-based diet – green and yellow veggies, legumes, fruits, nuts, and some grains. Occasionally, I indulge in nut-based cheese or ice cream. Although I was motivated by compassion for animals, I have since learned that my diet is also great for my health and for the health of our planet.


    Bryan Vicenti
    1147 N Enos St
    Visalia CA 93292

  56. I just read your “Battle Hymn of the Heartsick” and was shocked that such a diatribe would be printed in The Voice much less be authored by its publisher. Everyone is entitled to their own political opinions but for you to MISappropriate what many in this country view as a sacred song for your own political purposes is disgraceful! I would expect something of this caliber to come from San Francisco or LA but the people of this valley deserve better!

    • I meant no disrespect to the song but sought to contrast Trump’s unacceptable behavior and rhetoric with the more august traditions of our nation. I could have used “Hail To The Chief”–and maybe next time I will.

  57. I have a friend who is going to be relocating to Visalia and is interested in developing his business here. What is the process by which he can advertise in your paper? I have been unable to find this information on this website.

  58. Please call me about promoting/featuring the University Preparatory High School theater entity UPT (University Preparatory Theater) and their second production SHAKESPEARE’S A TWELFTH NIGHT.

    Included is a press release:

    University Preparatory Theater sets A Twelfth Night in pre-revolutionary Mexico

    VISALIA, CA – Shakespeare.

    University Preparatory High School’s theater company UPT presents Shakespeare’s A Twelfth Night (o lo que tu quieres): a multi-cultural event celebrating the language, poetry, music, and history of Elizabethan England and Porfirio Diaz Mexico. Shakespeare’s funny and poignant play about class differences and unrequited love is set in Diaz’s Mexico, before the revolution. In this original adaptation penned by UPHS theater chair David Rasner, Viola and Sebastian are indentured Yaqui natives en route to Yucatan who are separated in a shipwreck and are washed up on the Sonoran coast, each believing the other to be drowned. Duke Orsino and Countess Olivia are the land-owning Mexican aristocracy who manage their massive Hacienda’s and provide the setting for Christmas season misrule and hilarity.

    The UPT production features the music of Central Valley band Los Robles, who support the story with live music offstage and onstage. Los Robles serve as characters in the play, acting as Feste the clown’s traveling band. In this production, Feste is a clever singer/comedian who looks as though he just stepped off a vaudeville stage. Also joining the production is Hector Corvera’s Mexican Folkloric dance class who provide a curtain warmer performance and then, as the play begins, are woven into the story as well.

    Rasner is excited to present a production of A Twelfth Night that speaks to everyone in the area, “the idea for the show struck me when I listened to a song that musicologist Ry Cooder and legendary Tex-Mex artist Flaco Jimenez collaborated on called Poquito Fe. That song became the metaphor for the adaptation, which is, really, a collaboration, a cultural exchange; two poetic voices, Spanish and English, that work together to tell a universal story of love.”

    The production also serves as a history lesson, accurately depicting how cosmopolitan Mexico was during Diaz’s dictatorship: Sir Andrew Aguecheek is a ridiculous German military advisor who conjures images of Inspector Kemp from Young Frankenstein, Maria is a fiery Irish maid who has a secret relationship with Sir Toby Belch, a rebellious drunkard. Malvolio is a snooty Frenchman: a reminder of how Diaz was a complete
    Francophile who believed that Mexico needed to shed its indigenous identity and look to Europe as a model of modernity. The play is perfect for the holidays as it celebrates the 12 days between Christmas and the Epiphany: a time when the world is turned upside down and anybody can be king for a day.

    A Twelfth Night (o lo que tu quieres) opens December 15th at The Enchanted Playhouse Theater and runs for only 1 weekend.

    Ticket prices are $10.00 per person, ($5.00 with a UPHS student ID)
    Tickets can be purchased online at


    WHO: University Preparatory Theater
    WHAT: A Twelfth Night (o lo que tu quieres)
    WHEN: December 15th & 16th, at 7:00pm and the 17th at 1:30pm and 7:00pm
    WHERE: The Enchanted Playhouse Theater
    307 E. Main St
    Visalia, CA 93277
    (559) 739-4600

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