Civil Rights Icon Dolores Huerta calls on Californians to reject Prop 22

 Labor icon and civil rights leader Dolores Huerta today called on voters to reject Uber, Lyft, Doordash’s $181 million campaign to exempt themselves from key labor laws in California by curtailing their workers’ rights to paid sick leave, healthcare, a minimum wage, and unemployment insurance. A lifelong advocate for initiatives that protect workers and consumers, […]

A Moment of Recognition

In 1997, back when we lived in unspoiled Bahia Santa Maria–Google Montage Los Cabos; this was long before all that greed killed the cove–a whale and her calf entered our waters. And our waters were deep right up to the beach. In Bahia Cabo San Lucas itself the seabed is at 900 feet even before […]

Letter to the Editor Slams Tulare Cemetery Trustees for Mistreatment of Board Member and her Husband

I am so damn sick and tired of the invasion of my privacy and the continual assaults by Tulare Public Cemetery District Trustee Xavier Avila. Xavier Avila is a public figure, who is currently on the Board of the Tulare Regional Medical Center and the Tulare Public Cemetery. Xavier started questioning mine and my wife’s […]

A Nice Italian Restaurant

Because I was rudderless at the time, my friend Tom encouraged me to come with him to attend College of the Redwoods near Eureka. In those days–and under the best of conditions–it was a six-hour drive from the East Bay, where we lived, often along narrow, two-lane road. Rain could make the journey so much […]


When the chips were down and Tulare’s hospital was in danger of going under Devon Mathis did exactly nothing–except take money from HCCA, the hospital’s former management company. Now that the chips are on the table again, in the form of an election, he has nakedly, cynically, grandiosely donated that money to the hospital’s foundation. […]

Circumstance of Quarantine

We bought our current home in April of last year and within 11 months–in response to the COVID-19 pandemic–quarantine orders were issued across the state. OK–not quarantine proper, per se, but a shelter-in-place directive amounting to the same thing. Even though deemed an essential business, we went to an online presence in lieu of print. […]

My Statement on Foreign Interference in U.S. Elections

Foreign interference in the U.S. electoral process represents an assault on the American people and their constitutional right to vote. When foreign states direct hackers, trolls, money launderers, and misinformation to subvert or cast doubt on our elections, they threaten America’s sovereignty, democratic institutions, and national security. They undermine the vote and the voice of […]

Youth vaping epidemic ongoing during pandemic

The youth in our county have been denied classrooms, groups of friends and usual activities for over 4 months due to COVID 19.  Are they bored?  I would say “yes”! Another epidemic is occurring in our state and bored youth are its perfect target.  The epidemic is teen vaping.  A lot of people, including the […]