Academic Hunger Games

Instagram, television, and parents’ nostalgia promise us that the teenage years are something to savor: drives with friends, weekends full of activity, and the last few years of being young before transitioning into full adulthood. Instead, I’m at University Preparatory High School (Visalia) chasing down SAT prep, college classes, and a multitude of extracurriculars that […]

“Multiple first amendment violations” by Valley Voice, Hanford Sentinel, public officials

American citizens’ first amendment rights are at jeopardy and news companies have a responsibility to help protect those rights.  The news companies benefit from the first amendment with the right to free press.  So why don’t they also help fight to protect the whole first amendment which includes freedom of speech? The Hanford Sentinel is […]

Why vendor events help the community

As an event coordinator for over the past 20 years, I have always enjoyed watching others prosper in their business endeavors. Our Springtime Marketplace event will be held on Saturday March 26th is specifically designed to promote our local, family, and home-based businesses.  This will give them the opportunity to display their merchandise and help […]