Only a vaccine will stop the coronavirus

“For those who wanted a world without vaccines…here’s the world without ONE vaccine.” Author unknown It’s my very strong opinion this crisis will not end until a safe and effective vaccine is developed—Israel may be the first country to have a vaccine (within the next 90 days?), but can they rapidly produce it in the […]

Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine

The above, I believe, can be credited to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at University of Washington. What I would like you to take notice of is California’s curve on this graph. That’s us, at the very bottom. Which means we’re at the top of our game when it comes to social distancing […]

Apocalypse No

Our youngest son called me last week to let us know, he said, that he is alright. “Of course,” I said. “I know you are.” He was not grasping the epidemiological aspects of the new coronavirus pandemic. “Listen,” I said. “You and I can probably drink a glass of this stuff and, according to the […]

Yes, We Have No Obamas

After seven years of flying the Valley Voice you would think I’d be inured to carelessness by now. I wish I were, yet it sometimes still gets under my skin. Like when people characterize the entire newspaper based on a single press release. As if we had authored, or even endorsed it. Like when people […]

Baseball, Gamesmanship and Treason

Major League Baseball’s most egregious off-season kerfuffle has involved the alleged “stealing” of signs. I have news for those who think this actually is scandalous: it’s why they’re called signs–nobody is going to blurt out their intentions beforehand; and they’re not stolen, they’re deciphered. Interpreted. This cat-and-mouse game-within-a-game has been going on in many sports […]

Fiesta Nest

I’d been anticipating this moment for 33 years but did not expect that, when it finally arrived, I would feel only fear. Initially, there was elation. Out of a clear blue sky dropped university admission for the Kid, our fifth and youngest. Math, long her bete noire, had long seemed an insurmountable obstacle. But now, […]