Along came Jones

I plopped down in my easy chair and turned on Channel 3 A manager called Salty Joe was a chasin’ Chief Hensley He trapped him in paid admin and said with an awful thrill, “Now, I’m not allowed to say anything, But I can fire you at will!” And then he was told to (and […]

When the Ritual Ended

When the Ritual ended, and all of our friends went home, all of our friends remained in the room. We had some drinking to do while all of our friends came home from Korea. We hoped they’d each complete their journey, and that a capricious writer wouldn’t somehow jettison one of them into the sea, […]

A note on our commenting system

We’re testing out a new feature that will give each person posting a comment in a story a unique “Commenter ID.”   This ID will belong to that person throughout their comments on that story only, regardless of whether their commenter name is changed. It won’t persist through multiple articles.   We hope that this […]

Ladies and Gentlemen–The Iceberg

On January 18 the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence voted to publish the transcripts of testimony provided to the committee by Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson. Congressman Devin Nunes’ Communications Director, Jack Langer, emailed the transcript to the Valley Voice that afternoon. Simpson’s firm, Fusion GPS, was the outfit that contracted former British spy […]

Put ‘er There

Not just anyone can be an athlete. You have to be agile. Athletic.Similarly, not just anyone can be an intellectual. You have to be intelligent. You have to qualify for most things in life. But anyone can be a politician. Take Tulare Mayor Carlton Jones. Please. It doesn’t get much more comical or petty than […]

The Future Is Not A Promise

A few years back the Chief commanded me to harbor Hope in my heart. I’m not sure I’ve been able to comply, even if it might remain a matter of semantics. What I harbor is a sense of Trust that things can only improve. I have, admittedly, been skunked in this regard going on five […]