Put ‘er There

Not just anyone can be an athlete. You have to be agile. Athletic.Similarly, not just anyone can be an intellectual. You have to be intelligent. You have to qualify for most things in life. But anyone can be a politician. Take Tulare Mayor Carlton Jones. Please. It doesn’t get much more comical or petty than […]

The Future Is Not A Promise

A few years back the Chief commanded me to harbor Hope in my heart. I’m not sure I’ve been able to comply, even if it might remain a matter of semantics. What I harbor is a sense of Trust that things can only improve. I have, admittedly, been skunked in this regard going on five […]

Thrown To The Wolves

I surmise that most of you reading this do not number among the top 1% income bracket. Furthermore, I gather that most of you reading this–at least in Kings and Tulare Counties here in California–identify yourselves as Republican. I’m writing to you. You can thank your party for the tax hike most poor and working […]

Adrift In A Sea Of Ignoramuses

The Kid’s favorite comedian is Louie C. K. Maybe not so much, now. She is, she said, very disappointed that someone who could come across as funny and insightful would be revealed as so disturbed. She was in the kitchen making dinner when a report of his contribution to the latest cultural catastrophe came over […]

A Day Late and $85 Million Short

Tulare Regional Medical Center (TRMC) its clinics and gym, Evolutions, are scheduled to close–temporarily, it is hoped–at midnight tonight, 28 October, and at the time of this writing the new board of directors has yet to have access to the financial information it requires to accomplish much of anything. The books are still in Healthcare […]

The Subtlety of Loss

  One theme of 2017, especially the latter part of the year, must surely be disaster. The hurricanes and fires recently wrought by Mother Nature have overshadowed any political catastrophe we live with daily. During our five years in Cabo San Lucas we endured many hurricanes, and, because these storms are large in area, a […]

Keeping Up With The Jones

Carlton Jones should step down as Mayor of Tulare and resign from its city council. It would be the correct–and decent–course of action. Ask yourself if Jones is a decent individual. Over the years we at the Valley Voice have received numerous complaints about Jones, most amounting to nothing more than gossip. Gossip because people […]