Open letter to Sheriff Mike Boudreaux

During this time of tension and high emotions, our country is divided. It is unfortunate that you are playing into this division with your attempt to create a wedge within our community. I am disappointed at your continued use of divisive rhetoric and disconnect with the community you were elected to protect and serve. Concerned […]

Dear Protesters

To begin with, let’s differentiate protestors from those who would loot and destroy property. The latter are criminals. Protesting is not a crime. At worst, protestors may be guilty of breaking traffic regulations by being in the street. They’re getting a raw deal these days from people who view protesters as nothing more than a […]

The SOURCE LGBT+ Center joins over 100 LGBTQ and civil rights organizations to condemn racial violence

A Press Release from the Source LGBT+ Center The Source LGBT+ Center, serving Tulare and Kings County, joins with the Human Rights Campaign and more than 100 other LGBTQ and Civil rights organizations in the following open statement and letter: “The racial violence that has filled our television, computer and phone screens this spring is […]

The Blue Meanies

The plate number is 8JUK695. And there is no excuse for what the driver of this jeep perpetrated on the streets of Visalia on May 30 during a protest against the death of George Floyd, a Minneapolis resident, at the hands of his own police department on the 25th. Proudly flying our nation’s flag along […]

Tulare County Library update

Dear Patrons, First and foremost, everyone at the Tulare County Library misses our patrons and looks forward to serving you in person again. Remember though our buildings are closed our Library services are available online via, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Litsy. The Library is developing plans to move toward modified operations. When the State’s […]

A Lifetime Defending the Dolphins

Our youngest, the Kid, turns 21 next month. Yes, it’s a milestone–perhaps more than ever, now, during this pandemic–and it turns out I have the perfect gift for her. Even when university was not suspended–spring break became shelter-at-home–the Kid lacked a clear direction. Didn’t quite yet know what she wanted for herself later in life. […]

The Perfect Murder

This entire scenario reminds me of 1997, when the Chief and I, returning from Auckland to Cabo San Lucas, experienced two Easter Sundays over the course of one calendar day. OK–so it involved transiting the International Date Line; still, it was a little unsettling, if not exhausting. I might not know what day it is […]

Here There Be Monsters

Here we still are, sailing into the unknown, all hands on deck and expecting virtually anything in the absence of reliable charts. While I will admit we may have gone overboard with some public restrictions–especially those outdoor activities during which a safe distance can be maintained–the time has not yet come to open entirely. It’s […]