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Keith Fagundes - Kings County District Attorney - Photos | FacebookMy name is John E. Dyer, and I had the pleasure of working for Keith Fagundes at the Kings County District Attorney’s Office. I came over from being a Child Support Enforcement Attorney and a Public Defender for Fresno County for the previous 10 years and 3 years, respectively.

I enjoyed my time working for the District Attorney’s Office in Kings County, and but for the commute from Clovis, I would still be employed there. The office ran smoothly, and all the staff was very easy to get along with.

Keith personally trained me in the computer programs and systems that are in use, and he outlined the mission statement of the department along with the expectations of the attorney group.

Questions in all forms were encouraged, and an open-door policy is in effect such that when assistance or mentoring is needed, one needn’t have reservations about seeking it. Weekly attorney group meetings are held wherein everyone’s comments and contributions are sought and valued.

When I had a case where strategic input was sought, Keith would share the matter with the attorney group to get their legal opinions such that the assistance provided was from multiple sources and with even more years of experience and different perspectives from which to learn. I really appreciated that as a new employee.

In all, it was a very supportive team-oriented atmosphere, and I really enjoyed my time working there.  There were no egos to contend with, and that was refreshing after having dealt with such egos with different employers and entities over the years.

Any notion that the office is run in an autocratic fashion is simply not true.

John E. Dyer Esq.

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  1. The reputation of Fagundes by those who truly know him know this “opinion” piece Is inaccurate. Fagundes will use this man to attempt to repair his image. The man from Clovis is attempting to do good but clearly does not know Fagundes’ history in Kings County. The long time persons in local law enforcement and justice know Fagundes as a poor leader, mean spirited, and vindictive. This man from Clovis clearly did not have a long period of time to observe Fagundes’ true nature. Read the lawsuit of Fagundes’ sexual harassment of his male chief investigator. Search the internet and read the actual complaint. Those accusations are all in line with the Fagundes’ many have observed. Fagundes has not been able to even convince long time local kings county Sherrif Robinson to support him for re-election. The Sherriff certainly has known Fagundes longer than the man from Clovis and seen Fagundes conduct. The sheriff supports Sarah Hacker.

    • It’s an opinion! You are really denying a person’s opinion!? So much for freedom of speech and democracy right?

  2. The liberal sheriff certainly does support pro-choice candidate Hacker. Line law enforcement officers in the Hanford POA and CCPOA support and endorsed Fagundes. I think the 1000s of CCPOA members who live and work in Kings County (and aren’t politicians like the sheriff) know a little more than he does. Oh, and I too am a peace officer (now retired).

  3. Mr Dyer you worked there only a few months, so you don’t really know what went on. Are you trying to give the impression that pic is you when its not? Why would you post an old pic of KF with someone you you didn’t even know? Oh, you didn’t? Bet you didn’t know about positions he did away with to get rid of people or the multiple ones he treated so badly the county had to pay off lawsuits. Even harassing top officials of other departments causing them to leave, perhaps necessitating the county’s former CEO to return to conduct business. Favortism to family and friends. Conflicts of interest with father on board of supervisors. Fagundes’ has you fooled along with others, time for a change!

  4. BeenThere_DoneThat says:

    I have been following the numerous post/articles regarding the Kings County District Attorney’s election and finally feel compelled to respond. I have worked with both Sarah Hacker and the present incumbent and know whereof I speak on the issues set forth above.

    Waggle Lawsuit Against Kings County–The incumbent seems to think he is entitled to having his two attorneys paid for by the taxpayer of Kings County. First of all, he is not a party to that lawsuit, and even if he were, he would not be entitled to attorney fees at taxpayer expense as if the allegations are true, they occurred outside the course and scope of his duties as the District Attorney, and that does not entitle him to said fees. But while we are on the issue of the Waggle suit, take a gander at the interview of the incumbent (with his attorney present) on Channel 30 where the incumbent said that the allegations were “largely false” and again, “largely misconstrued.” He has admitted in that interview there is some truth to the allegations.

    Turnover Issue–Please remember when the incumbent ran the first time against Greg Strickland one of his main points was the turnover in the office under Strickland. During the incumbent first term, he far exceeded Strickland’s turnover. Now the incumbent has been in office two terms and has lost (for various reasons (many all his faul t and actions) 70 employees, 34 of whom were deputy district attorneys. This is not in line with regular turnover as the incumbent wants one to think. First of all, the statistic itself is appalling because the total is more than the entire population of the office. More importantly, because of this turnover, particularly the deputy district attorneys, there is no continuity in prosecutions leading to many lost prosecutions, and releasing of dangerous individuals back on the community, endangering the community. This particular statistic reeks of exceedingly poor leadership and mismanagement of the District Attorney’s Office compelling a change. And a portion of this turnover does not even bring into play the fact that some of the individuals who left received worker compensation settlements due to the incumbent’s vindictive nature and personality, which I have personally witnessed, but never suffered at the hands of the incumbent. While the incumbent is correct that Sarah Hacker worked with the former DA, she was never part of the management of the office and did not have the ability to create or participate in the vindictive nature that the incumbent cites.

    Conflict of Interest Issue–This was an issue brought up by Judge Robert Shane Burns, when in one case involving a defendant facing four life terms in prison was offered a plea deal by the incumbent of a ten year determinant term. This was a defendant who was represented by the incumbent’s attorneys for approximately two years with the only deal being some type of life term deal, then shortly after John Sarsfiel writes a letter to the Board of Supervisors requesting they pay incumbent’s litigation attorney’s fees, the defendant gets a ten year plea offer. Can you say massive conflict of interest??? Luckily Judge Burns saw it for what it was, and did not approve the plea deal. More importantly, it should never have come to that, as the second the incumbent retained his attorneys, the incumbent should have immediately disqualified his office, nt waited until he was brought before the court, on the court’s own motion, to which the incumbent had no choice but to agree to. This was not a political decision as portrayed by the incumbent, but simply an excellent judge doing his job,. And if the judge had not raised the issue, the plea deal would have been hidden from the public’s view. This also applies to the plea offer granted to another defendant who was facing approximately 40 years to life in prison, who shortly after the Sarfield letter was given a 6 year determinant plea deal.

    John Dyer’s Endorsement–While Mr. Dyer is entitled to endorse whomever he pleases, said endorsement should be viewed in the context of Mr. Dyer’s employment by the incumbent. While I do not know how long Mr. Dyer wa actually employed by incumbent, his courtroom duration was a matter of approximately 4 weeks, so he was not here very long, and certainly did not have sufficient time to learn who the incumbent is and how he deals with people and how he manages the Kings County District Attorney’s Office. One should take said endorsement with the proverbial grain of salt. My last words are VOTE for Sarah Hacker for District Attorney and return good management and leadership to the District Attorney’s key’s Office which is so totally lacking at the present time.

      • That’s all you got? Thom is expressing his first-hand knowledge of the DA office and all parties involved and the best rebuttal you have is to call him old? It seems you have no real argument to the contrary and have instead stooped to name calling.

        • Are we supposed to be surprised that one of Greg Strickland’s former managers is against the guy who ran that cabal out of office? No one cares what these former bureaucrats have to say. No one cares that they come and go from their do-nothing government jobs. Their sense of self-importance is staggering.

          • Why are you changing your name? Sounds like you are referring to Hacker as one of Strickland’s managers. She was never part the management. You heard that from Fagundes and since you’re only good at regurgitating trash you go on to make yourself look like an ignorant fool. You talk about staggering self-importance but your boy is the poster child.

  5. How much did this “opinion” cost? According to the recently released public records requests, Mr. Dyer worked there for less than four months. Are we to believe he learned how fabulous the work environment was and Fagundes true colors in such a short time? And then he chose to leave such a wonderful place so quickly? Sounds fishy

  6. The Senile-old-man user post is most certainly Fagundes himself or one of his minions. Either way it is a mirror reflecting the exact hostile work environment Thom would have witnessed and seen. This type of name calling and bullying is exactly the misconduct people have come forward to complain of and know is in line with Fagundes. It’s all so dumbed down by Fagundes it’s embarrassing. Deny deny deny just like the people he prosecutes especially if not represented by his personal attorneys. Otherwise they get deals.

    • Guess again. I’m not the DA, a member of his family, an employee, or one of his “minions.” I’m just a retired cop who knows the truth about the Strickland- Snyder – Hacker DAs office. That’s why I support Fagundes.

      • Yeah Sure. If you stand behind Fagundes knowing the persons that have come forward against him it’s proof you are in the dark. With the allegations against him, his lack of sound judgement with county property, his conflicts of interest called out by local judges, etc, etc, then clearly you lack critical analysis skills. We used to assign guys like you to traffic or records.

  7. What happened to deleting comments that over take the conversation Catherine? I bet most these negative comments for Fagundes aren’t even from citizens that live in Kings County. I’m registered to no political party and I will be voting for Fagundes. Lots of endorsement letters being released in the Hanford Sentinel and got the endorsements from actual law enforcement agencies and law enforcement unions. Sarah is not qualified! She tried ONE murder charge her whole life! She was pressured by Dave Robinson to run because he is a bitter Sheriff. Hacker is not qualified! She worked for a Civil Law Firm since over 5 years. Completely unqualified

    • Chad, trying to put down or call into question Sheriff Robinson’ endorsement of Hacker saying he is “bitter” is not backed by facts. Sheriff Robinson knows firsthand the concerning issues surrounding Fagundes. He knows there is a real danger allowing a person like Fagundes to remain as DA. That’s why the Sheriff who is the top cop in the county has endorsed Hacker. If Fagundes was truly successful and best candidate then the Sheriff certainly would have endorsed. And he and a majority of the community know Hacker is very qualified to carry out the job with ethics and professionalism.

  8. Do Hacker’s criminal clients know she wants them all thrown in prison? I wonder how they feel about that?

  9. Fagundes is a criminal and a predator. Wait till everyone finds out he’s been using Kings County funds to pay for his sisters coast house in Pismo! $125 per person per night. The Fagundes crime family needs to go!

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