The Power of Giving

We learn as children that it is better to give than to receive.  We are taught to give because it feels good to help someone in need.  But is there a deeper meaning or feeling associated with giving?  Is there a new level of humanity that happens when we give to a cause, a fundraiser, provide lunch to the person on the side of the street?  How do you feel when you see commercials for animals or children’s hospitals asking for your support?  It tugs at our very core and pulls on those heart strings, doesn’t it?

We don’t have commercials of animals that have been neglected or specialize in childhood diseases.  But what we do have, is the will and the desire to care for our community and help support the best medical treatments possible at Adventist Health Tulare.  The Tulare Hospital Foundation continues to support the hospital – no matter what.  It goes without saying that the last five years have been extremely challenging.  Beginning with the hospital closure, outstanding litigation, Covid, general competition from larger hospitals, mixed emotions in our community and so on…

What we do have – is a strong and fighting spirit.  I personally have never been a part of a greater organization.  Despite the aforementioned crazy challenges, the Foundation has remained steadfast in its commitment to support the hospital and this community.  The Foundation will continue to support Adventist Health Tulare in its goal to continue to provide excellent and vital services the community needs.  We have introduced very successful wellness events that focus on heart health and cancer prevention.  We know first-hand that these events have helped save lives of individuals that attended, so we are so grateful to know our outreach is working.

We are more than just buyers of new equipment, or fund “raisers”, or the public relations arm of the organization.  It is supporting our local healthcare district.  It is keeping the Tower dream alive.  It is knowing that we a part of something much bigger than we could ever dream of.  It is ensuring that if your loved one, neighbor, or friend only had minutes to live – our hospital would have everything needed to save their life.  We each have the power to do something good.  Together, we can be inspired to do something great, and with your continued financial support we can turn great into AMAZING!

“We can change the world and make it a better place.  It is in our hands, to make a difference.” Nelson Mandela

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