Be Persistent

I spent two of the past four weeks engaged in an orgy of destruction. No, not protesting that Black lives matter. The fight I was in regarded the other BLM: Backyard Life Matters. Because the man we bought this house from is allergic to grass, half of the backyard–the half surrounding the pool–resembled, say, Guadalcanal. […]

The Kids Are Alright

When the current protesters–most of them no more than kids–first took to the streets many of you cried foul. They blocked traffic, you said. In fact, three of you in a blue Jeep (license plate number 8JUK695) took it upon yourselves to ram two of them. This column was initially going to address District Attorney […]

“Well Done!” to faith-based groups working to feed needy families

Some generous local individuals and companies have stepped forward to create a “no barrier” system to distribute free food to individuals who may not be reached by existing non-profit organizations and government agencies. The effort is being led by Jason LeFaive, Lead Pastor of SevenOaks.Church in Visalia and CityServe, Tulare-Kings. Pastor Jason’s church is part […]

Name that Martyr

One particularly irksome dynamic regarding the BLM movement is that its martyrs are chosen for it. By this I mean the semi-random institutional murders we’ve witnessed lo these 400 years. It’s a galling twist piled atop everything else that these oppressors, by their very semi-random aggression, all but name the martyrs. Totally without care, these […]

What seven-year Itch?

Today marks seven years to the day that the Valley Voice, under my wife and myself and with some very talented writers, first emerged in print. And what was the featured story above the fold on that front page seven years ago? An interview with Devin Nunes, in which he welcomed the paper back. Folks, […]

A ‘good news’ story from Exeter

The Exeter, California, Cemetery looked like a scene out of the Norman Rockwell paintings that captured the spirit of America on magazine covers for so many decades. Despite the Governor’s orders, over 100 volunteers had gathered to place American flags on the graves of the 2,000 veterans buried there. A few walked patiently and alone […]