Reader: Low pay, staff retention at Sierra View Medical Center

As a worker at Sierra View Medical Center, it is extremely disheartening watching so many employees leave and the hospital has done absolutely nothing to retain staff and entice new workers.

Why? The pay is lower than hospitals in Tulare & Visalia. Managers, Directors and senior leadership have hefty salaries, yet everyone from RNs to EVS workers are underpaid.

The same goes for clerical staff throughout the hospital. Salaries are public record and what leadership makes is comedy. From the CEO to Managers and Directors, they pull in six figure salaries while many staff who have Bachelor Degrees make less than or around $20 an hour.

Leadership is nowhere to be found, the cost of living is going through the roof and they think people will just stay while the entire hospital is short-staffed. They don’t offer part time positions and many of us are overworked, exhausted and quite frankly fed up.

Unless leadership decides to pay EVERYONE in the hospital decent wages and match what they are paying employees at Kaweah and Adventist, there should be a freeze on managers, directors and senior team salaries and bonuses (leadership gets bonuses in October while the rest of us get nothing). If things stay the same, expect many more of us to leave.

A. Jones

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