Visalia Music School needs your help – to help more local kids

Performing Arts to specific academic subjects, the Visalia Music School covers all bases of a student’s need to be successful.

With access to credentialed teachers, small groups, and private learning sessions, students have the opportunity to not only enjoy learning but become more successful towards a better future into adulthood.

With your help, we can continue to support the most disadvantaged students throughout Tulare and Kings County to become successful adults. We take pride in helping to educate and empower students of all ages in a safe, caring environment.

Since 2002, Success Learning Center and the Visalia Music School has been helping our students achieve their goals. We have taught children and adults to improve in academics, to find value in themselves, to rock out on musical instruments, and so much more. It’s a joy to see children who are excited when they gain new skills, greater understanding and new confidence. SLC/VMS both work hard to ensure that each student understands their potential in our world and becomes a productive citizen.

In order to further our goal, we need your assistance and the assistance of businesses, friends, and families you may know. Please consider joining us on our mission, as we help our community’s youth.

For as little as $9.97 a month you can help a child become better prepared for life. This money helps pay for teachers to instruct our children. West Coast Academic, Music and Performing Arts  (West CAMPA) is asking for your donations and sponsorship to supply students with the educational support they deserve. We invite you to consider donating time, talent, and/or treasure! Donations such as monetary, raffle items, skills, sets of books, and instruments, just to name a few are welcomed to further our goal to help students succeed.

Please send donations to 2332 W Whitendale Ave, Suite B and call (559) 627-9500 to set up a time to come visit our center.

We believe, children need to be protected and cared for. That is the most important mission we have. Nothing comes before that!

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