“This Rebellion must be put down,” recall Newsom

Gavin Newsom is a tyrant who comes from political lineage. His aunt is currently Speaker of the House of Representatives. Gavin comes from the bay area, and like the majority of bay area residents, he does not believe that the other side of Paso Robles exists. Gavin Newsom is extremely rich, and continues to get richer through his corruption. As Governor, he has promised the construction of Dams, has Promised us improved infrastructure, and an agricultural response. None of which have happened. Gavin Newsom, yes, is concerned about the drought, but only when it affects his winery. The only infrastructure has been his choo choo train to nowhere, and Gavin has proven himself to be the most agriculturally unfriendly Governor in our State’s vast history. Believe me, I should know, I’m an FFA member.

Now you may be asking, “Why does our state’s agriculture matter to ourselves, and our country?” Well, I’m glad you asked, California is the agricultural hub of the world. We offer a vast variety of stone fruits, grape products, nuts, dairy products, beef, poultry, and, thanks to pioneering farmers like former recall candidate Doug Ose, rice. These categories barely scratch the surface of what we grow, but our governor has done nothing to help us succeed and grow such crops. We are in another drought here in California, and we don’t have the Dams to store any type of water that we get. Gavin’s theory is that agriculture is to blame, but in reality, its a man made issue. An issue created in part, by Bay area socialites such as himself.

A big issue brought forth by Newsom is his tyrannus effort to rid California of guns and hunting entirely. This, among other things, is just the tip of the titanic sinking iceberg of why I support recalling Gavin Newsom. That iceberg is Newsoms total lack of judgement, and his ignorance of the United States Constitution. As a libertarian-ish person, I strongly believe that the federal government should stay out of individual states and properties, but when we have a guy who openly defies the constitution, the law of the land, along with the Bible, the federal government MUST step in because we technically have an open Rebellion against the United States. But since the dear old speakers nephew is public enemy #1 in our case, the feds won’t do anything.

This Rebellion must be put down. We must send a message across the state, across the land that the progressive/radical/socialist left will not, and cannot win. We must send a message loud and clear, let it ring…DONT TREAD ON ME! (us).  The only fear that we have is that if the recall loses, King George up there will shut down our businesses, and send us a message: You can’t fight the machine. Well Gavin ole chap, we can and will.

I thank you for reading, and remember, Vote Y-E-S september 14th, and let er’ ride!

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  1. Wow! Did this guy even bother to Google this claim that Pelosi is Newsom’s aunt? I suppose Jacob doesn’t figure anyone will bother to check his claims.

    SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — Gavin Newsom and Nancy Pelosi have a lot in common as prominent Democrats with strong ties to San Francisco, but are they also related as family members?

    If you have a particularly generous view on extended family, then yes.

    Gov. Gavin Newsom’s aunt, Barbara Newsom, was once married to Ron Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law. Barbara Newsom and Ron Pelosi divorced in 1977.

    That means for a while, Gavin Newsom was related to Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law by marriage, but the familial relation between the two now-powerful Democrats was even more distant. Not to mention, the marriage tying the two families together ended when Gavin was 10 years old.

    • Well Troy, maybe Sleepy Joe can check his watch and help you. How can you support a mentally messed up progressive who doesn’t even care that 13 of our finest died for his mistake?

  2. This kind of crappola plays well in the Central Valley Republican mud pits where down-and-dirty is apparently the name of the game so the likes of McCarthy and Nunes can wallow and gurgle in pure delight at the expense of their constituents. There is little to no expectations of this party actually giving a damn about anyone who did not vote for them as well as those who did vote for them. Constituents are expendable because actual governing is not on their agenda. Apparently the Republican Party has morphed into nothing more than a pathetic narcissistic party, drifting around promoting insurrection, chaos, hate and division with Jan. 6, 2021 as a prime example of what they have planned for this country. Electing Republicans for any city, county, State or Federal office is perilous and can be hazardous to the health and welfare of the people. Todays GOP supports and promotes domestic terrorism. A vote against todays GOP is a vote for protecting freedoms. Right now todays GOP is out to suppress the people’s vote, suppress women’s rights, and suppress immigration that includes DACA recipients who have been raised as Americans, married our friends and family members, attend schools with our children/grandchildren, attend our churches, contribute greatly to our community coffers, work in our established brick and mortar businesses as well as our agriculture farming/dairy businesses. The rebellion that must be put down is being promoted by the Trump supporters of the GOP, the McConnell supporters of the GOP and more importantly here in valley the McCarthy and Nunes supporters of the GOP. If voters want Newsom out of office then wait and vote him out in 2024. This recall election is nothing more than further denial of the fact that Trump rightfully lost in California. It is nothing more than political payback. Vote No on this recall. Vote for protecting American values. We may not be a most perfect Union but we do not support nor promote todays GOP domestic terrorism.

  3. Newsom is arrogant, dishonest, and has accomplished little outside of some symbolic EOs that could disappear with a pen stroke.

    But the leading contenders are unrepentant fascists and a landlord parasite who promotes himself on YouTube. Not even Reagan was dumb and craven enough to block CEQA.

    They are crude, self-interested antagonists who are counting on the public to forget that the right wing California politics of the 60s-80s gave us the problems of today.

    Their COVID denialism is genocidal and is reason enough to oppose them on its own.

    Congratulations to the fascist rabble for making me vote in favor of Newsom, who I wouldn’t pee on if he was on fire.

  4. Same Guy validates the stupidity of todays GOP….. doesn’t know his a$$ from a hole in the ground! Now he could get some real education that teaches real facts but I think that ship has sailed passed him so he’d better stick to that Fox Outhouse News. Stupid is as stupid does and stupid does love his company.

    • Well hey Useless, I wondered where you were hiding out! AOC? Well this American Patriot follows the law and being married to two people at the same time would be against the settled law of the land. Besides my politics is too far centered for her, she wouldn’t be happy with that for sure!

      • American Patriot, If you are to the left of the alt-right then you are anti-American and probably a member of the Taliban bent on worshipping AOC and bringing communism to America by way of COVID VACCINES.

        Sorry to break it to you!!

        • Can’t be a patriot and be alt-right! There is nothing patriotic about the alt-right. The alt-right supports and promotes domestic terrorism. Just a fact….. if you support terrorism, you support the alt-right. If you believe COVID vaccines are communistic then you are just plain dumb and dumber…too stupid to be crazy! ha,ha,ha,ha,ha

          • To be honest, I don’t align with a party. The GOP is the major party that holds some of my views, but the only party that is entirely me is the libertarian party. The most American thing to do is become a libertarian. They hold views similar to the founding fathers. I have a saying, if beating them and joining them doesn’t work, pick another team.

          • Government is NOT forcing people to get vaccinated, just encouraging them to get vaccinated. There are some businesses mandating that their employees be vaccinated. Government has mandated that military personnel be vaccinated (just like George Washington did) because of the pandemic. The only thing different about AOC is her politics….just like your politics is different. The left is not a communist party but todays GOP has become a close second.

  5. What about the 241 marines killed in Beirut Lebanon when Reagan put them there. Funny how republicans forget that and stupid Bush took his eye off Afghanistan & invaded Iraq in 2003 which had nothing to do with 9/11. and, Trump negotiated with the Taliban and invited them to Camp David

  6. Last time there was a recall we got stupid Arnold who was a joke. He commutted the son of his political friend who stabbed someone to death and the guy only did 5 years .

  7. Firstly – the recall: How’d that work out for you?

    Secondly: This ‘fake news’ that Pelosi is Newsome’s aunt. She was once related to him through marriage, but that marriage is no longer there; so, she is not his aunt.

    • The recall election was rigged, it was a sham. This just goes to show how much autocracy wants to fight to stay in CA. This is like the election when Sudam won 99.9999%

        • for one, how do they have all of those mail in ballots counted and proof read already? Another thing, its apparently voter discrimination to clean the voter rolls. Example, my old, frail aunt still gets her husbands ballot. he’s been dead for 10 years. My grandpa, he been dead for 25 years, still gets a ballot. Its like that all across the state. My friend volunteered, and cleaned out the voter rolls, but webber said it was discrimination.

          • Yeah and Tulare and Visalia has downtown oceanfront properties. More outrageous lies, so very Trumptard.

          • My ballot was mailed in. I received an email letting me know it was counted. They don’t wait to start counting, but they do wait until the polls close before announcing results.
            Now, how about some actual EVIDENCE of “the election was rigged”?

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