Helping Hams 2021

Within the City of Tulare, it was determined that there are in excess of 199 Homeless people.  This census was dated 2019.  We all know that in today’s world (2021) that number is wishful thinking.

A trip out No. J Street will prove to be an eye opener.  Just west of the rail road tracks near Cross Avenue is a tent city with upwards of 200 souls living there. A trip across town on the Santa Fe Trail will show many gatherings of homeless folks and their meager shelters.

There are a lot of homeless and needy folks living in Tulare.

The point of this narrative is that the First Lutheran Church of Tulare, a 501c-3 nonprofit, has decided to embark on a mission of aid.

In Matthew 25:34-35. Jesus tells his disciples,

“Come you who are blessed by my Father, take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world.  For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink.”

To answer that call, our goal is to raise 1000 5# hams towards easing the food challenge of this coming Thanksgiving.

You might ask, “Why a ham and not a traditional turkey?”  Good question.  Many of those folks living in a tent city, under a bridge, on an on-ramp, in all likelihood have no way to cook a turkey.  A canned ham is already cooked.  You need only open it and eat.

Living in Tulare there are approximately 2000 food insecure families.  It is estimated that one in four children are living with food insecurity.

Working with Tulare Emergency Aid Council we will identify those who are most in need.

A 5 lb. canned ham is approximately $17.00.  So, 1000 hams will equate to $17,000.00.  The hams will be distributed prior to the November 25th holiday.

When you make a greatly appreciated donation to the ham fund raiser you then become an official


  • First Lutheran Church – 525 East Kern, Tulare CA 93274
  • Go Funds Me fund raiser to purchase Hams for the needy for Thanksgiving
  • Goal – $17,000 = 1000 Hams
  • Contact – Dan Harp, 559.972.9579 – [email protected]

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