Letter: Working for Fagundes’ District Attorney Office was “the best learning experience,” “amazing work experience”

I am writing to describe my experience working for the Kings County District Attorneys Office. Working at the Kings County District Attorney under the leadership and direction of Keith Fagundes, Phil Esbenshade, and William Wolfe was an amazing work experience from start to finish.

I came to the Kings County District Attorney’s Office from Orange County. It was scary moving to a part of California that I was vastly unfamiliar with. I was terrified that if I moved all the way out to Hanford, all by myself, only to end up disliking the people I work with or, even worse, my bosses, I would feel stuck and regretful about making such a big move. I am unbelievably lucky that I got to work with a team of such dedicated and brilliant individuals. I felt like an outsider coming in; but now I am leaving with a heavy heart, because everyone at the office quickly made me feel like part of the team and at home.

KCDA gave me an opportunity to learn and hone skills that exponentially improved my ability to be an effective prosecutor and attorney. The leadership at KCDA allowed me to take on assignments that they knew would be challenging for me. However, they guided me every step of the way without micro-managing me. I went to law school to become a prosecutor.

This was my first job as a Deputy District Attorney, and I am so thankful that Keith Fagundes and his team took a chance on me because this was truly the best learning experience I could’ve asked for. In a short time span, I’ve not only gained a plethora of new courtroom and legal skills, but valuable connections and friendships as well.

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  1. Does this ex employee really know the background of Fagundes? Has he read the sexual harassment lawsuit pending against Fagundes? Does he know Fagundes is not backed by the sheriff and why? This is another person completely in the dark about the real Fagundes. EVERYONE read the complaint against Fagundes to learn about this man. It’s truly nauseating to know we have this man as our DA. Very creepy!!!!! And even creepier to know he has the powers of a DA! Scary!!!!!!!!!!!

    • There is no pending sexual harassment lawsuit against Fagundes. None. Zip. Zero. It’s just another Hacker lie.

  2. Ahhh you are spinning the truth like Fagundes huh? There is a HUGE lawsuit pending. Everyone knows Fagundes is the central figure at the basis and cause of the lawsuit. Because technically it is Kings County named on the lawsuit you say one does not exist? EVERYONE search “Keith Fagundes sexual harassment” and read the complaint yourself. We are Sick Of His Lies! Vote for Hacker for a new voice with moral conduct and true integrity to represent Kings County DAs office.

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