Sarah Hacker – I have never seen a prosecutor so concerned with taking predators off the streets

Dear Editor,

I’ve had the pleasure of not only knowing Sarah Hacker, but have also seen her in action as a Deputy District Attorney for Kings County while I worked in local law enforcement.

One case involved a convicted sex offender who was out of compliance with his required registration to notify law enforcement of his address, work place and other items.

While many people have a strong opinion about sex offenders, Sarah approached the jury trial with compassion as well as her desire to see justice served. After the defendant was convicted, his father told me that although his son was headed to prison, he approved of the process that sent him there. Sarah was a very large part of why he had that reaction and I can only guess that members of the jury felt the same.

Another case involved a sex offender who had taken advantage of multiple teen girls. As the prosecuting attorney assigned to the sexual assault department, Sarah asked me to help her with the case.

Together, we worked for months, interviewing victims and witnesses, gathering evidence and adding additional charges as they were discovered.

Deputy DA’s have a huge volume of cases to work on every day. There isn’t enough time for them to take each case to heart, make it personal to them and give each case their 100% attention. But, in my experience, Sarah does just that.

In my over 30 years in local law enforcement, I have never seen a prosecutor so concerned with taking predators off the streets and in helping their victims.

I believe Sarah wants to prosecute criminals and protect our community for all the right reasons. She has a heartfelt desire and can create an atmosphere that inspires the same from others.

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  1. If she was “so concerned” then why did she walk (and stay) away for over 9 years?

    • Based on my readings, I would hazard a guess that back in 2014-2015 she wasn’t happy working with DA Fagundes. Based on my readings, she certainly wasn’t alone. She didn’t walk away she moved on like the vast majority of people often do. Luckily, she was able to continue in her chosen profession having taken a job with a law firm which eventually led to a partnership. Very impressive! This is a well written endorsement letter as was the one written by Sheriff Robinson. Care to share all your letters of endorsements?

      • Well written. It’s pure propaganda with no substance. How was she not happy working with a DA that was voted by the citizens. She cared more about civil law than prosecuting people. Dave Robinson pressured her to run. She has no passion for the position. And even less recent experience in criminal trials.

  2. Good thing I already voted. I seen Hackers lack of passion at the debate. No passion and even less recent experience. Easy choice for me. And I’m a liberal like Dave Robinson lol

  3. Do Hacker’s criminal clients know she wants them all thrown in prison? I wonder how they feel about that.

  4. Barbara you are exactly correct in your assessment. I will add that Fagundes was intent on ruining her career so she left the DA office. This isn’t their first fight. He wanted her to be the president of their attorney’s union, she agreed and when she wasn’t his puppet, he was angered. In fact, she kicked him out of the union because he had been promoted to management. I know Sarah well and she is going to be an awesome District Attorney.

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