Lali Moheno Endorses Liz Wynn for City Council

I am writing in support of Liz Wynn for Visalia City Council District 1.  I have known Liz Wynn for

Over 15 years. I have known of her dedication to community service and of her commitment to the community. I had the opportunity to work with Liz in different capacities. She has been addressing

The issue of homelessness long before it became a popular issue among the elected officials. She addressed their needs and issues while at Visalia Emergency Aid Council. In addition, she worked to address the needs of the working poor, youth and other city issues.

I also had the opportunity to work with her as a Rotarian for many years. I have known of her work with the hospital foundation. I have known of her dedication to work with the business sector for years.

Being in public service is not new for Liz.  She is one of the most qualified candidates today. She’s prepared and ready to hit the ground running. She understands Visalia and works for a better quality of life for everyone in this great city. Her commitment to serve in Visalia has already been proven and qualified.

Please think about Liz Wynn as you prepare to Vote this November 8, 2022. Please Vote for Liz Wynn.


Lali Moheno

Visalia Resident for over 35 years

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