Letter: Consider helping Wise Frog Reptile Rescue

To The Residents of Visalia and surrounding communities:
My name is Ian Lockwood owner of The Wise Frog Reptile Rescue. I have had to assist the county in saving many companion animals here. I started this journey 6 1/2 yrs ago With thousands of animals saved through our doors. All animals that would have ended up in the shelters or worse released into our wild. Causing irreversible damage to our natural habitat that is already struggling due to feral cats and human pressure.
Over the years, I have become a “one-person reptile SPCA”. I unselfishly give of my time and resources to help neglected and abused reptiles that have suffered because of the ignorance or stupidity of our community and large pet stores. My motivation has always been to alleviate the unnecessary suffering of these poor animals. Not only do I not profit from this venture, but my expenditure are enormous and the payback, other than emotional, is non-existent!
If there is any way at all that the city or some other agency, government or otherwise, can be of assistance to the rescue financially, it would be a huge blessing to the community as a whole.
It’s come to a time where I ran out of my saving to help relieve our local animals control and shelters who are already so overwhelmed. The city allows the big brand pet stores to continue to sell these animals all while I’m stuck dealing with the problem. We continue to get calls about unwanted, abandon, or dying reptiles due to our community. The local authorities, rescues and community continue to send people my information when dealing with any reptiles issues because they know I’m the only one. I’m asking for financial assistance and guidance in the drowning problem.
Please consider what a Crisis it would be if the shelters had to take of the daily task of dealing with reptiles on top of the furry animals. 1 in 5 houses in America have reptiles. That’s a huge number of forgotten animals. We need help or we will have to stop offering it. Leaving the task to our shelters who have already admitted to euthanizing all reptiles before I came into town costing our shelters staff their sanity. All reptiles are killed due to our shelters not being able to properly house. Knowing reptiles take extensive care and knowledge that no one has training on. I’m officially requesting assistance in the detrimental time.
Looking forward to hearing from you and working together to create a safe place for all unwanted reptiles.
The Wise Frog

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