Letter: Jerry Sulivan to speak to League of Women Voters on disinformation, misinformation

On November 16, the League of Women Voters of Tulare County welcomed journalist Jerry Sullivan to speak about misinformation and disinformation. Sullivan avoids both in his popular digital newsletter, SullivanSaysSoCal.com, a leading source of news analysis and commentary for Southern California. In his talk, Sullivan made clear the distinction between misinformation and disinformation. A lot of misinformation […]

Helping Hams 2021

Within the City of Tulare, it was determined that there are in excess of 199 Homeless people.  This census was dated 2019.  We all know that in today’s world (2021) that number is wishful thinking. A trip out No. J Street will prove to be an eye opener.  Just west of the rail road tracks […]

Parents speak: “Victor Robert Krumdick, his story of life and death in the Kaweah Delta ER”

This opinion submission was taken from a comment left on our most recent article, “Kaweah Health CEO defends hospital amidst open state investigation,” by the parents of Victor Krumdick, Victor Robert and Gillian Mary Krumdick. In the process of reporting on Kaweah Health’s recent hospital inspection, the Valley Voice was able to confirm that Krumdick […]