Gun control: “There is no reason for hunters or target shooters to use automatic weapons and high capacity ammo clips”

Gun Control in California and America is a topic that there are differing views held by adults.  There are arguments on both sides that are unreasonable. Extreme Gun control advocates state that use of all guns by civilians is unnecessary and dangerous.  They state that prohibiting gun ownership would end School gun violence and other […]

Jehovah’s Witnesses’ year without knocking on doors

It’s been one year since Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide adjusted their hallmark methods of sharing comfort and hope from the scriptures due to the pandemic. For many, the change from ringing doorbells and knocking on doors to making phone calls and writing letters expanded and invigorated their ministry. “Witnesses have adapted well to these circumstances in […]

The NeverEnding Project: CA HSR and the boondoggle that couldn’t

In another disappointing, yet unsurprising, turn of events, the initial segment of the California High-Speed Rail project has been delayed by an additional two years, now to 2025. This news comes just ONE WEEK after a business plan with a 2023 completion date was adopted. The California High-Speed Rail project is one of the most expensive failures in State history and could cost […]

Join the fight against cancer in the Central Valley

February is Cancer Awareness Month; we recognize and celebrate the progress we’ve made in the fight against cancer. A recent report from the American Cancer Society shows that the cancer death rate across the country has decreased 31% in the past 30 years. It’s clear that scientific discovery, cancer screenings and good public policy are […]

“We will need some political unity and government leadership that will bring us together…”

The Covid-19 virus has affected all of us throughout this past year.  The consequences were felt worldwide.  In America, thousands died and thousands more were infected and recovered from this virus.  Besides the catastrophic health impact, the virus has had devastating effect on the economy of the world.  Worldwide, we have been on various forms […]

“A New Year’s Resolution for Life”

2020 has truthfully tested the very fabrics of our society. We saw the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. We saw the U.S. economy plummet. We saw thousands of Americans take to the streets in peaceful protests over systemic injustice. Lastly, we experienced a U.S. election that has divided this nation. This year, many have lost […]