Political Fix (7 December, 2017)

One Hundred Years and Counting For a state that has only been around since 1850, and a county since 1852, it’s pretty impressive that the Tulare County Farm Bureau (TCFB) has been going strong for 100 of those years. So the organization threw a party on November 30 for all those families who had been […]

Exeter Ambulance District Sued for Wrongful Termination

The embattled Exeter District Ambulance (EDA) is facing more turmoil. On November 28 Jennifer Rios, former paramedic for the district, filed suit against the district for wrongful termination, back pay and benefits. Named in the suit are the Exeter District Ambulance, board members Tony Miller and Darinda Kunkel, and office manager TJ Fischer. Rios believes […]

Visalia to Form Tourist Marketing District

Visalia hoteliers are stepping up to the plate to promote tourism to the city. On October 16 they asked the Visalia City Council to approve their plan to form the Visalia Tourism Marketing District (VTMD). The council approved the plan and will hold a final public hearing on December 4. The Hoteliers hope to create […]

Political Fix (16 November, 2017)

The Doublemint Twins Did you hear that Tulare Regional Medical Center just picked up two new allies? They’re Assemblyman Devon Mathis and Tulare Mayor Carlton Jones. When Joseph Oldenbourg, editor of the Valley Voice, heard the news he said, “If I had a gun I don’t know if I’d shoot myself or someone else.” Do […]

Resignation Letter Reveals Alleged Sexual Harassment and Unfair Pay by Assemblyman Mathis

A resignation letter by a former employee of Assemblyman Devon Mathis appears to corroborate claims of sexism made by another former staffer, and recount inappropriate comments made about multiple women. The letter, sent to the California Assembly Rules Committee by former Assemblyman Devon Mathis staffer Joel Rosales, outlines why he resigned in June of 2015 […]

Political Fix (2 November, 2017)

#WeSaidEnough California is experiencing a watershed moment. Women all over the state are standing up to sexual harassment that plagues the work place. It started with women publicly speaking about the sexual misconduct of producer Harvey Weinstein. As Hollywood took a hard look at their treatment of women over the last 75 years, women in […]