Tulare Public Cemetery Settles with Gerardo Ramos

“We have reached a mutual agreement between Gerardo Ramos and the Tulare Public Cemetery. Both parties are happy with the final result,” said board president Xavier Avila. On the advice of County Council, Avila was not at liberty to give further details on the settlement. The Valley Voice tried to reach out to Ramos but […]

Holly Blair July 10 Hearing Vacated

Lemoore City Council Member Holly Blair was arraigned on Monday, July 8 on two felonies, two misdemeanors and one special allegation. She plead not guilty on all five counts. Blair informed the Judge that that she cannot afford a lawyer and, according to the Kings County Superior Court website, Blair received court appointed attorney James […]

Holly Blair Arrested – Back in Jail

Lemoore City Council Woman Holly Blair was arrested by the Lemoore Police Department at 1:22 this afternoon. She has been charged with two felonies and one misdemeanor. The first felony, 422 (a), is threatening a crime with intent to terrorize. The second felony, 12022.1 (b), is committing a felony while on bail for a previous […]

Political Fix (4 July, 2019)

The Shakedown of Hanford Vice-Mayor John Draxler Part II – The Money Game On June 5 Hanford resident Skip Athey posted an article on facebook. The article had just been released by Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) an evangelical law group, concerning Hanford Vice Mayor John Draxler’s evicting a widow for her religious activities. I was […]

Political Fix (20 June, 2019)

The Shakedown of Hanford Vice-Mayor John Draxler In February an 85-year old Hanford resident of Windgate Village Apartments, Diana Martin, was allegedly evicted from her home of 14 years by Windgate owner Vice-Mayor of Hanford John Draxler. According to Ms. Martin’s lawyer, Mathew McReynolds of the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), Ms. Martin was evicted by […]

Political Fix (6 June, 2019)

Turning Back the Blue Wave Republicans have set their sights on winning back the seven California congressional seats they lost in 2018 and sending President Donald Trump back to Washington in 2020. Congressional District 21, formerly held by David Valadao, is a primary target. Congress Member TJ Cox won the district by only 1000 votes […]