Shelter in Place – Day Two

Saturday was the second full day of Governor Newsom’s Shelter-in-Place order and relative calm has been maintained in Tulare County. Already a sense of normalcy has settled in as residents are accepting the fact that this will be our new normal for possibly several months. To create a stranger atmosphere than already existed, My 97.5 […]

Need some weed? Get in line

Long lines at all three Tulare County pot dispensaries snaked outside their buildings as wait times of up to 60 minutes were reported. Token Farms in Farmersville offered a curbside service and customers waited 30 cars deep, and for up to 90 minutes, to pick up their orders. Security guards and orange cones were lined […]

Free Water at Water2go2 in Tulare

To do their part in helping alleviate the shortage of bottled water during the COVID 19 crisis, Tulare business Water2go2 is offering five gallons of free water for anyone who brings in their own container. According to Jan Lazarus, property manager, the business owner Socorro Mercado, has committed to offering free water until the crisis […]

Political Fix (19 March, 2020)

Post-mortem: 2020 Primary The only person surprised by March 3rd’s Primary was candidate for State Assembly District 32 Todd Cotta. By election night he had only been campaigning for 60 days and said that anything he got would be gravy. Well, he got more than gravy. He ended up with almost 60% of the vote […]

Political Fix (5 March, 2020)

Election Hangover It’s Super Tuesday and everyone is anxiously awaiting election watch parties and all the election returns. Then I land back to earth finding that both Fresno and Tulare Counties are experiencing problems at their polling places. It’s going to be a long night. The Tulare County Registrar of Voters reported that some voting […]

Primary: Shuklian win, Valadao leads Cox, Salas leads Cotta, Micari leads Crocker

Primary 2020 went smoothly for Tulare, Kings and Fresno Counties as election returns were almost final before midnight. Here is a breakdown of the parties and victories up and down the South Valley as the final numbers came revealed the winners and losers. 22nd Congressional District With early returns coming in heavily in his favor, […]

Political Fix (20 February, 2020)

Primary Predictions 2020 It’s Super Tuesday March 3 and the local races have turned out to be as exciting as the Primary. As of February 18 only 5.7% of Californians had returned their mail-in ballot and most of those are Republicans. That’s because Democrats are watching the debates and primary returns before voting to see […]