Political Fix (2 November, 2017)

#WeSaidEnough California is experiencing a watershed moment. Women all over the state are standing up to sexual harassment that plagues the work place. It started with women publicly speaking about the sexual misconduct of producer Harvey Weinstein. As Hollywood took a hard look at their treatment of women over the last 75 years, women in […]

Mathis Faces Sexual Assault Allegations

Assemblyman Devon Mathis (R-Visalia) is facing accusations of sexual assault assault, first reported upon by a conservative blogger with the group American Children First. Joseph Turner, director of the group, reached out to the Voice Thursday morning to report he had witness statements that Mathis had, allegedly, sexually assaulted one of his staffers in the […]

Political Fix (5 October, 2017)

Carole Firstman Speaks at Networking for Women Luncheon I met Carole Firstman around 2002 at the Three Rivers Holiday Bazaar. The bazaar marks the beginning of the holiday craft fair season and is usually a glorious fall day in the foothills. I was selling my beaded ornaments and peach jam and she was scurrying to […]

Political Fix (21 September, 2017)

The Tulare Way Part II A lot has happened since my last Political Fix. Lawyers representing the hospital board argued for a temporary restraining order to prevent HCCA from taking out any more loans, power has been shut off in the unfinished hospital tower, and HCCA claims that the Tulare Local Healthcare District owes them more […]

California Legislators Take Away Cities’ Ability to Determine Tower Placement

To the chagrin of city managers and mayors throughout California, SB649 passed–allowing telecommunication companies, such as Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, to install mini cellular antennas in public rights of way and even in your front yard. According to the League of California Cities (LOCC), which lobbied against the bill, cell antennas will no longer […]