The Ongoing Struggle for Fair Compensation and Safe Schools in Farmersville Unified School District

In the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, the Farmersville Unified School District (FUSD) confronts critical challenges impacting our educators and students. As an advocate for the Farmersville Teachers Association and Assembly District 33 candidate, I, Angel Ruiz, am committed to highlighting these issues and fighting for justice in our schools.

Background Context

The recent forum featuring FUSD Board member Ruben Macareno shed light on a troubling mindset at the administrative level. Macareno’s attempts to dismiss critical issues, such as the safety of students and fair teacher compensation, with oversimplified statements like ‘paying teachers more won’t fix their problems,’ reveal a profound disconnect. This stance not only overlooks the genuine concerns of our educators but also minimizes the importance of ensuring a safe and supportive environment for our students. My campaign is dedicated to addressing this gap. It stands for the fair treatment and acknowledgment of our educators’ needs, countering the administrative oversight with a commitment to listen, understand, and act on the actual challenges faced in our schools.

 Analysis of Salary Increases: Administrators vs. Teachers

A closer look at the district’s finances shows a worrying trend. While administrators have consistently received salary increases, our teachers have not seen comparable financial recognition. This disparity highlights a troubling undervaluation of our educators’ contributions.

Comparative Salary Analysis for First-Year Teachers

An “apples to apples” comparison of first-year teacher salaries, benchmarked at a bachelor’s degree plus 30 units, paints a concerning picture:

– In 2022-2023, Farmersville’s average salary was $60,197, lower than Lindsay’s $65,163 and Cutler-Orosi’s $62,287, and only marginally higher than Exeter’s $58,770.

– In 2023-2024, after a 2% increase, Farmersville’s salary fell to $61,401, placing it at the bottom compared to Lindsay’s $70,050, Cutler-Orosi’s $66,647, Woodlake’s $65,375, and Exeter’s $65,235.

This situation highlights Farmersville’s now lowest position among local educators, coupled with the smallest annual salary increase, raising questions about our commitment to attracting and retaining quality educators.

Addressing Safety Concerns

The FUSD’s neglect of crucial safety measures, like the malfunctioning fire alarms and leaky roofs, is unacceptable. These conditions reflect a broader neglect by the district’s administration and a disregard for the safety of our students and teachers.

Teachers’ Perspectives and Historical Context

Our educators, who feel overlooked and undervalued, deserve better. The historical context of their struggles emphasizes the need for a representative who truly understands and addresses these challenges.

Implications and Consequences

The ongoing disputes and safety oversights have far-reaching implications, eroding the quality of education, demoralizing teachers, and jeopardizing student safety. The community’s faith in the educational system is at stake.


As we confront these critical issues in the Farmersville Unified School District, it’s clear that a change in leadership is not just desired, but necessary. I, Angel Ruiz, as a candidate for Assembly District 33, am deeply committed to being that change. With roots as an immigrant and a profound understanding of the challenges faced by communities like ours, I represent not just a political choice, but a promise for a better future for our educators and students.

In my campaign, education reform is not just a policy point – it’s a personal mission. I understand the vital role that educators play in shaping not only the minds of our youth but the very fabric of our community. In rural areas like Farmersville, where every resource counts, we cannot afford to overlook the importance of nurturing and valuing our teachers.

My pledge is to be the voice of the voiceless in our community – to advocate tirelessly for those who have been overlooked and undervalued by the current administration. By voting for Angel Ruiz, you’re not just casting a ballot; you’re standing up for the heart of our community – our teachers, our students, and our shared future.

I urge you to stand with me in this pivotal moment. Together, we can ensure that the grass is not just greener, but flourishing in Farmersville. Your support and vote for Angel Ruiz is a step towards a community where every teacher is valued, every student is nurtured, and every voice is heard. Join me in this crucial journey towards creating a brighter, more equitable future for all in our district.

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