Macareno Gets Latino PAC Endorsement for Assembly

On the heels of election offices in Inyo, Kern and Tulare counties completing their count of Presidential Primary election ballots, the Latino Political Action Committee of Tulare County has endorsed Ruben Macareno for the 26th State Assembly. “Ruben has been consistent in supporting issues that directly support the Latino community and has demonstrated a commitment verified […]

Huerta Calls Out Valadao for Supporting Supreme Court Decision Tearing Immigrant Families Apart

The Supreme Court recently blocked the extension of DACA and DAPA, a decision Congressman David Valadao not only supported, but advocated for. Earlier this year, Valadao aligned himself with Donald Trump’s hateful anti-Latino policies when he voted to send an amicus brief on behalf of the House of Representatives to the Supreme Court on the […]

The Museum of Jadedness

It’s been something like 35 years now since I first read The Great Gatsby. At that remove it seemed as though Fitzgerald was somehow commiserating with–and possibly consoling–me from the year 1925. Apart from his masterful legerdemain with the English language, quite how he accomplished this still amazes me. As five movies and countless printings […]