Reader: “End the sale to civilians of these type of guns”

Gun violence in America. What the heck is going on. We all have heard the cries for action following school, workplace, recreational sites and shopping area mass shootings over the past decade. No action has occurred that would slow the killings down. Calls for background checks seem to be the best we might be able to get passed through the Senate. And that is not certain, as the Senate has refused to even vote on measures like that. But, the more effective start would be to outlaw assault type rifles and high-capacity ammo magazines, which are the weapon of choice for killers looking commit a mass shooting. To extreme you might say. Too many AR-15s out there already. But why not. End the sale to civilians of these type guns. Offer a plan to allow owners to turn in those guns. It could be money, gas card or something to give lawful, responsible, caring citizens an opportunity to turn in these guns. Those that don’t, would be in possession of an illegal weapon and in jeopardy being charged with a gun crime, as well as losing the gun. This should be the start of the responsibly of ending the stigma our country has as the overwhelming world leader in mass shootings. Mental health is a problem, but outlawing assault rifles and high-capacity ammo magazines should be the first step. But not the last.

9 thoughts on “Reader: “End the sale to civilians of these type of guns”

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  1. Anyone who refers to “ammo” clearly has no experience with firearms, whether an AR 15 or shotgun. At least he didn’t say “clip.”

  2. Would you also be willing to limit the types of cars and trucks available to the general public?

    Wonder if she feels the same way about abortion, which kills far more humans than guns.

  3. It’s really easy to demand that someone else gives up their freedom. What freedom are you, yourself, willing to give up? None? Didn’t think so; just another scum bucket hypocrite!

    • Mr. Dave
      Practice what you preach .
      It’s easier to demand that someone else gives up their freedom to Adoration &Reproductive Rights.

  4. What it’s really about. It’s about the freedom to easily obtain military style assault weapons, high-capacity magazines and the stockpiling of guns of any type that they need in their culture wars. It’s not about being a good guy with a gun. It’s not about helping law enforcement to serve and protect. It’s not about hunting game. It’s not about going to the rifle range for shooting practices. It’s not about protecting property. It’s about having the ability to outgun and outman others “when the time comes”. It’s about having the ability to access weapons of war. Period.

  5. Didn’t mean to make you all get so upset. It’s just an opinion, my opinion.

  6. Clearly you all want to take freedom from someone else just so long as you are not effected. You are all just hypocritical garbage! People kill each other on our roads and highways with no thought of responsibility or consequences! Some women demand the right to abort the unborn, yet demand that others surrender their gun rights to our dictatorial government! What a crock!

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