Vote to Re-elect District Attorney Keith Fagundes

District Attorney Keith Fagundes is committed to the pursuit of truth and justice. He is an outstanding Advocate for the People of Kings County. He is committed to holding the guilty accountable, protecting the innocent and preserving the dignity of victims and their families. He truly ensures the District Attorney’s Office maintains the highest ethical standards. These are not just slogans – it is who he is and what he does on a daily basis for the People of Kings County. I KNOW! I am the most senior Deputy District Attorney in the Kings County District Attorney’s Office. I have been practicing law 34 years serving in the capacity of a career Prosecutor during the past 31 years and the last almost four years working directly for District Attorney Keith Fagundes and his management team. District Attorney Fagundes’ leadership team has approximately 90 years of combined legal experience. They are passionate, highly experienced and representing the residents of Kings County in a highly efficient, effective and competent manner. They truly provide the very best in leadership and legal representation for the People in the administration of Justice. My career has been committed to serving as an Advocate for the People for over three decades. I see, hear and know what is happening within the District Attorney’s Office and interact daily with District Attorney Keith Fagundes, his management team and other Deputy District Attorneys. Morale within the office and among prosecutors is very high. I review, process and handle more than 6,000 criminal matters each year. There is no one more highly qualified for this constitutionally elected position to represent the People of Kings County than Keith Fagundes. District Attorney Keith Fagundes is a lifelong Kings County resident who has family roots deeply planted in this County. He cares deeply about the safety of all residents and has done an outstanding job during his first eight years as the top Advocate for the People. VOTE to RE-ELECT Keith Fagundes to the Office of District Attorney of Kings County in the best interests of all.

13 thoughts on “Vote to Re-elect District Attorney Keith Fagundes

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  1. Now you’ve done it. The Hack Job Squad is going to come after you on the page for daring to have an opinion they don’t like. Just wait and see. But you’re exactly right and good for you for speaking out.

    • How can this man not address the lawsuits which Fagundes is the center of? Oh Fagundes allows him to work remotely from Southern California. He knows nothing about the background of Fagundes within kings County. But this solicited opinion sure does sound great! Let’s all vote for Fagundes and keep corruption and immorality going strong in Kings County! Sounds like a great idea!

  2. This person DOES NOT WORK DIRECTLY with Keith Fagundes. He works for Kings County alright but remotely from his residence in Southern California. He fails to say that part. His opinion article is all lies and full of deception. I’m sure Fagundes asked him to write this opinion piece because nobody in his office in Hanford has the same opinion! What a joke of an article!

  3. Mark Bradfords Comment is true. This individual is collecting a paycheck from the county, but he’s been working remotely from his home in Southern California since well before COVID. He claims to have daily interaction with the DA, but he is truly isolated and out of touch with what is actually occurring within the office. When Sarah wins, I’m sure that working arrangement will change. So obviously it would benefit him to support the incumbent.

  4. The person who wrote this article gets paid over 60 bucks an hour as a DDA 4 to work remotely from Orange County doing entry level DDA work. Of course he’s going to write that Fagundes is a Saint. The writer of this article knows his cushy little job will go bye-bye if Hacker is elected.

  5. The dude is running scared because he knows his time is short one way or another. Nothing like littering the county with all his signs and in places like the mall premises where surely he did not ask permission to place them. Ordinances? He must be above the law. He’s a politician, the junk mail and text message blasts prove it. Sick of his lies, lacks integrity and far from honest! And why is it Mr Winter gets to work near the hometown of Mickey Mouse in Orange County when other county employees had to go back to their county complex offices? How many thousands does the screen puppet attorney make anyway?

  6. How many women has he prosecuted for stillbirths and miscarriages? Sounds like an idiot.

  7. District Attny Fagundes believes it’s his moral duty to jail women for having a stillbirth in late pregnancy.
    Handmaiden Tales come true in Kings Cty with the help of course of a religious affiliated hospital Adventist Health. With Fagundes as DA, have a still birth, get charged with murder. Vote this guy out ASAP.

  8. This man is dangerous! He is hateful and power hungry. The only “law” he believes in seems to be the “law” as he defines it.
    I think he is a threat to your home and family.

  9. I’m just like the writer of this made up story. I tell people to vote for Keith and have a sign in my yard because I benefit from Keith holding his job, NOT because he’s the best one for the job.

  10. Reaction from Belgium. Read numerous articles on the cases of Chelsea Becker and Adora Perez.
    Both the Adventist Health Hanford Hospital and Fagundes acted both like religious f*scists, abusing laws, ruining peoples lives, jailing innocent people just for the sake of giving a “tough leadership” image and getting votes from the religious zealots.
    Hope that this miserable person does not get re-elected, and that the hospital gets punished for
    and that the hospital be punished for cowardly betraying those in need + neglecting and failing to administer life-saving medical procedures.

    • Joan he was unseated by a woman at 57.95%. He’s probably fuming and crying all at once!

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