Reader: Hanford Mayor should look into park maintenance

Dear Mayor Morrow,

I would like to ask for a favor if you could possibly look into the decline in our parks maintenance. It upset me and my family to see the current condition of Hidden Valley Park.

I am well aware that there are short staffing issues with the Parks Department. I spoke with a gentleman named Willie from Parks Division, he mentioned that the Community Services Director spent majority of the Parks’ maintenance and operation budget towards last winter’s Winter Wonderland, and that is why they can’t open the positions to hire staff.

If this was the case, I would like to know what the City’s plan to do with additional acreage recently obtained such as the Soccer Complex and the future 40 acre Heroes Park if the City doesn’t even have staff to maintain the existing Parks acreage we already have.

I would like to encourage you and the rest of our City Council to really look into the Parks Maintenance and Operation because our Parks, Street Medians Landscape, and Downtown trees are looking really bad. It is very upsetting to see our park areas neglected.

Please see attached photos of the current conditions at Hidden Valley Park, dead grass, broken sprinklers, trip hazards, and graffiti.

I really hope that you and our council can make an impact in our community.


Brian Altoveroz – Hanford Resident


One thought on “Reader: Hanford Mayor should look into park maintenance

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  1. Kalish Morrow is too busy trying to get California to build a new park a block away from a huge existing park. Most Hanford City Council cries about over spending in the state government and no accountability and then spend 300,000 dollars on outdoor fitness area that nobody asked for is basically pushed by our of state business that goes town to town to convince cities to waste money on this worthless area instead of taking care of the dog parks the city already has. Kalish Morrow especially is the biggest critic of California overspending and talks about accountability but is desperate to apply for any Ca grant and basically approves any new project matter the cost. Kalish and the other council members are too busy pushing Winter Wonderland on citizens. She is a complete hypocrite

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