Reader: Disappointing that Valadao did not vote for Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act

The people of the 22nd Congressional District are hurting. Diesel prices are sky-rocketing and hurting the farmers who supply the fruits and vegetables on American’s kitchen tables.

It is said that diesel powers America. The cost of diesel influences the cost of transportation and goods. When it becomes more expensive to drive a truck, all of the items in the truck become more expensive, too. We need our elected officials to take action to curb these rising fuel prices.

The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed the Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act, which would make it illegal to increase gas and energy prices in excessive and exploitative ways. It would also allow the Federal Trade Commission to investigate possible price gouging by oil and gas companies.

What a disappointment to see Congressman David Valadao vote against this bill. Does he not understand the frustration so many of us feel? Oil and gas companies are making record profits while we struggle to fill our trucks and tractors. Price gouging is real and elected officials should use the tools at their disposal to protect American consumers.

Alma Serrano

10 thoughts on “Reader: Disappointing that Valadao did not vote for Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act

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  1. Hey Alma, I really enjoyed reading your letter. There is much truth to what you are saying. Everything is being spiked up so high it is very difficult to meet ends meet. We need change in our district so change can be made for the hard working people, and not just the greedy corporations.

  2. I am an owner operator . The current price of diesel x 200 gallons is $1400 vs the price before inflation x 200 is $600.

  3. Valadao is simply toeing the GOP line to curry support and votes. He’s not about to help constituents if it upsets the GOP. He also is protecting corporate greed that keeps money in GOP coffers. To be fair corporate greed keeps money in many elected politicians’ coffers by buying “their vote”. The vast majority of corporate lobbyists are nothing more than white collar pimps for politicians who are willing to sell their vote to the highest bidder.

  4. I am assuming that each and every one of you can prove the price gouging that you allege. Or are you just towing the Democrat line? Remember how the Democrat dictatorship cost many of you two years worth of wages? If corporations are that evil, then do yourselves a favor and stop driving! Or are you just that addicted to the government handout trough?

    • 2 years? Many? Where have you got those numbers? Cite a source to support your claim, you liar. The covid pandemic was the cause for lose of jobs. Trump put business profits over US CITIZENS LIVES. Proof REPUBLICANS are NOT pro life.

  5. No one really notices diesel prices 80% increase in diesel costs since a year ago, the price of diesel will break the back of the economy eventually.

  6. Voted No on: Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act

    Wow. Price gauging is already illegal. Cannot believe they would not support accountability of the law.

    Major red flag. Vote No on politicians who do not value the working class MAJORITY.

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