Political Fix (7 February, 2019)

Silence of the Damned In late spring of 2018 Lemoore’s City Manager, Andi Welsh, was fired. That made Lemoore Police Chief Darryl Smith the interim city manager. Being the interim city manager meant he would be on the committee to hire a new city manager. Lemoore ended up hiring Nathan Olson, and just by coincidence, […]

Political Fix (3 January, 2019)

Valley Voice’s Top Ten Stories Online and Facebook Top ten stories from our website for 2018: Former Exeter officer identified as Golden State Killer, Visalia Ransacker suspect Both Tulare police chief & city manager fired in one day Tulare Mayor takes on the Ag community Tulare Councilman Accused of Fraud, Threatening Employees Tulare citizens erupt […]

Political Fix (20 December, 2018)

Evette Bakke likes Kern County In my December 6 Political Fix I misconstrued a comment made by campaign manager Evette Bakke during an election party. When the subject of updates were discussed she said, “Oh, we don’t like Kern.” She did not mean that she didn’t like the candidates or the voters. She meant that […]

Political Fix (6 December, 2018)

Isn’t Cock Fighting Illegal? Democrats won every statewide office, gained super majorities in both state houses, flipped seven of their seven targeted congressional races, and will control the House of Representatives in Washington come January. Time for the Democrats to celebrate, right? Wrong. The fighting started this summer between consummate party insider, Eric Bauman, and […]

Political Fix (15 November, 2018)

A Midterm Post Mortem It was freezing and quiet outside St John’s Hall in Hanford with a few unconcerned security guards lingering by the doors, but hot and crowded inside the Portuguese Hall on Election Night. Even though not in his district, this was still Nunes country, and a Nunes-friendly crowd, where no sharp edged […]

Political Fix (1 November, 2018)

Is the Blue Wave real? In less than a week the nation will find out. The following are my predictions for local and federal elections: Congressional District 21: Democrat TJ Cox and Republican Congress Member David Valado Mr. Valadao lives in a district that has a Democratic advantage of 16 points but they tend to […]

Political Fix (4 October, 2018)

A Serendipity of Trump Since President Trump won the Republican nomination in 2016 I have been trying to convince a local supporter to write a column in Political Fix. I wanted our readers to get affirmation on why they support President Trump and why his base is so loyal. Over the last two years I […]