Political Fix (15 October, 2015)

Can You Smell the Reefer Yet? When Californians vote to legalize marijuana in November of 2016, which seems likely happen, pot will be legal up and down the entire West Coast, including Alaska. But California is the biggest prize of 2016. A victory in California could possibly portend the beginning of the end of the […]

Political Fix (17 September, 2015)

What Happened To AB954? The California State Legislature stayed in session until the wee hours of Saturday morning, September 12, wrapping up end of the year legislation on assisted death, climate change, medical marijuana and family leave. The Senate even passed Resolution 39 that instructed Californians to “Dump Trump,” but Assembly Bill 954 never saw […]

Political Fix (20 August, 2015)

No Matter How You Vote, Crazy Wins OK, it’s official. Those opposed to chickens and mini goats inside Visalia’s city limits are as crazy as those collecting signatures to pass an initiative in favor of making them legal. Here in our office, for expediency’s sake, we refer to each side as pro-goaters or anti-goaters, and both […]

Political Fix (6 August, 2015)

Separated At Birth In 2004, Visalia City Councilmember Phil Cox declared that he was going to run for Tulare County Supervisor District 3 because, among other things, he was seeking to improve communication between the county and Visalia. Sound familiar? At the end of July, Visalia City Councilmember Amy Shuklian declared that she was going […]

Political Fix (16 July, 2015)

The Family Food Freedom Act – The rest of the story Let’s just say the painful truth out loud about the Food Freedom Act. A wise man told me during the Tulare County Supervisors’ meeting that Visalia could have avoided this whole initiative process if they had just given Gingi Freeman a medical exemption. When […]

Political Fix (2 July, 2015)

Eat your vegetables If you always skip over the articles about the newest, hottest trade agreement here is your opportunity for a painless recap.  Consider it eating your political vegetables. Just in case you thought you were always forgetting the acronym for the trade pact, you weren’t. There are three of them, TPP, TPA and […]