Political Fix (7 May, 2015)

An Adoring Fan I rarely get feedback on Political Fix, so I was happy when a reader finally took the time to send me a personal email. It was Wayne Millies from the Whitlatch Group. He said, “It’s quite clear you’re a progressive liberal hack from your previous columns; however, you’ve outdone yourself this time […]

Political Fix (16 April, 2015)

 Six things you didn’t know about Marco Rubio Well finally we have some officially declared presidential candidates.  The first to announce was Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, then Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, Hilary Clinton and now Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. Neurosurgeon Ben Carson has announced that he is definitely going to announce, so we have that […]

Political Fix (19 March, 2015)

A Gay Day In the California Republican Party Connie Conway has announced that she intends to run for the 16th district State Senate Seat currently being held by Jean Fuller. Ms. Fuller will be terming out in 2018. After the November elections wrapped up last year I recall someone telling me that Ms. Conway was […]