Political Fix (3 March, 2016)

The Last Brokered Convention The last brokered Republican convention was in Philadelphia in 1948. It took Governor Thomas E. Dewey three ballots to beat out several formidable rivals to get a majority of the votes. My grandmother, Florence Doe, was one of those delegates, and late in life she pined for those days when conventions […]

Political Fix (17 December, 2015)

Hair on Fire The Visalia Times-Delta printed an op-ed on December 10 written by Tulare County Supervisor Phil Cox that set Visalia’s staff and city council’s hair on fire. Mayor Steve Nelsen said, “I take exception to his op-ed,” which was one of the more tame comments. The lingering message Mr. Cox wanted the reader […]

Political Fix (15 October, 2015)

Can You Smell the Reefer Yet? When Californians vote to legalize marijuana in November of 2016, which seems likely happen, pot will be legal up and down the entire West Coast, including Alaska. But California is the biggest prize of 2016. A victory in California could possibly portend the beginning of the end of the […]