Political Fix (2 November, 2017)

#WeSaidEnough California is experiencing a watershed moment. Women all over the state are standing up to sexual harassment that plagues the work place. It started with women publicly speaking about the sexual misconduct of producer Harvey Weinstein. As Hollywood took a hard look at their treatment of women over the last 75 years, women in […]

Political Fix (5 October, 2017)

Carole Firstman Speaks at Networking for Women Luncheon I met Carole Firstman around 2002 at the Three Rivers Holiday Bazaar. The bazaar marks the beginning of the holiday craft fair season and is usually a glorious fall day in the foothills. I was selling my beaded ornaments and peach jam and she was scurrying to […]

Political Fix (21 September, 2017)

The Tulare Way Part II A lot has happened since my last Political Fix. Lawyers representing the hospital board argued for a temporary restraining order to prevent HCCA from taking out any more loans, power has been shut off in the unfinished hospital tower, and HCCA claims that the Tulare Local Healthcare District owes them more […]

Political Fix (7 September, 2017)

“It’s the Tulare Way” Recently, an informant called saying that Tulare Regional Medical Center (TRMC) allegedly hadn’t paid its utility bills since April. Then I interviewed a grieving daughter whose mother had been buried in the wrong plot at the Tulare Public Cemetery, and later a prominent Tulare businessman called with some outrageous, but consistent, […]

Political Fix (17 August, 2017)

Our loss is Kern County’s Gain Former Assemblywoman Connie Conway has decided to pull out of the race for State Senate District 16 to run for the Board of Equalization (BOE) District 1. The district serves nine million taxpayers and spreads over 30 counties, from the Oregon and Nevada border to parts of Los Angeles […]

Political Fix (3 August, 2017)

What does it mean to be a Republican? While all the talk is of the Republican Party, California State Democrats are in a fractious and petty battle for the party’s leadership. The two contenders for chair of the California Democratic Party are heir apparent Eric Bauman, a union organizer, and Bay Area progressive Kimberly Ellis. Mr. […]

Political Fix (20 July, 2017)

Who Wants to Run the Fifth Largest Economy in the World? In June of 2016, California surpassed France to become the sixth largest economy in the world. This June, California took over England as the fifth largest economy in the world, a possible byproduct of their Brexit vote. Besides California’s surpassing England’s Gross Domestic Product, California’s […]

Political Fix (15 June, 2017)

American Exceptionalism Growing up, learning about our country’s history, I remember many ways America was exceptional. Our exceptionalism started in earnest with World War II when we churned out an entire ship in 4 days and 15 hours at the Richmond ship yard. Then the United States spearheaded the Marshall Plan that helped rebuild Europe […]

Political Fix (18 May, 2017)

The Paradigm Shift Here is the Republican Party’s dilemma. In 2010, the majority of Americans were against universal healthcare and the Republican Party gave those Americans a voice. Then Obamacare became law and started savings lives. Since the advent of Obamacare there has been a paradigm shift from the belief that access to health- care […]