Political Fix (20 September, 2018)

They Shoot Horses Don’t They An interesting question came up during this month’s meeting of the Tulare County Animal Services (TCAS) Advisory Committee while updating its ordinance. The question was, are there any restrictions on how a commercial breeding kennel can put down dogs that no longer produce puppies? The TCAS advisory members are all […]

Political Fix (6 September, 2018)

What Does Being Indicted Mean? Being indicted is a term thrown around in the news a lot these days. But what does it mean? Being indicted is when someone is accused by a grand jury of serious crimes. Four former Trump advisers, and 25 Russians who meddled in our elections have been indicted. Of those […]

Political Fix (2 August, 2018)

The World before Top-Two The New York Times reported House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy saying, “I hate the top-two,” referring to the primary system in California. The Central Valley Tea Party had petitions circulating at meetings and forums to get rid of the top-two primary system in a ballot measure for the November General Election. […]

Political Fix (19 July, 2018)

Primary Postmortem Who wasn’t shocked at the results of the 26th State Assembly District race? Just as shocking, but not as well known, were the results of Tulare County Supervisor District 4 race that stretches from Dinuba to Woodlake. But then again who wasn’t shocked when President Trump was elected? In the assembly race, incumbent […]

Political Fix (5 July, 2018)

The Blue Wave Just Got a Few Feet Higher. A group of Democrats are hoping to flip Republican districts and take over the House and Senate this November. Things weren’t looking so great after the primary. But that was before Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy stepped down. Justice Kennedy is a Republican and was appointed […]

Political Fix (21 June, 2018)

How’s that Blue Wave Workin’ for Ya? Remember the Blue Wave that was going to take over Washington D.C. but was dependent on California flipping seven Republican congressional districts? Well it’s hard to have a Blue Wave if no one shows up. For all the hype and excitement this Primary stirred up, voter turnout was […]

Political Fix (7 June, 2018)

Is it time for a Third Political Party? When Emmanuel Macron became France’s youngest president at 39 years old he did so in typical youthful style, with a brand new political party. Mr. Macron was not voted in as a part of the Socialist Party or the National Front. He was voted in using his […]

Political Fix (17 May, 2018)

Primary Predictions We are on the cusp of the hotly anticipated midterm elections as voters mail in their ballots for the June 5 Primary. Primaries used to portend lower voter participation. But those on the front lines of the current political landscape say they have never seen this level of engagement. This is the first […]

Political Fix (3 May, 2018)

Muddy Waters Primary Predictions, set for the next issue, will analyze such topics as: what will be the margin between Congressman Devin Nunes and his Democratic competitors? Will Assemblyman Devon Mathis survive the primary? Can candidate Matt Darby pull off the impossible and beat incumbent District Attorney Tim Ward? But before the next issue I […]