Political Fix (4 October, 2018)

A Serendipity of Trump

Since President Trump won the Republican nomination in 2016 I have been trying to convince a local supporter to write a column in Political Fix. I wanted our readers to get affirmation on why they support President Trump and why his base is so loyal.

Over the last two years I have received a lot of very well articulated complaints about my column when I criticized Mr. Trump, so I asked them to flesh out their ideas and give some examples and I would give the Political Fix. But no one would accept my offer.

I was starting to think maybe his supporters couldn’t really defend the president.

In my last column about Mr. Trump I wrote that after Michael Cohen implicated him in a crime he has become an unindicted co-conspirator. The only thing standing between Mr. Trump and being arrested is the fact that he is president.

I pondered in my column “What is his base thinking?”

I got a response from Cassandra Richter saying,

“Well I will tell you what his base is thinking! That he is not a career politician and that is a good thing. That he has done more things that he said he would do in his short time as president then the last three presidents.

“The Democratic Party has changed, I, used to be a Democrat but after Bill and Obama I changed. And I thank God every day that Hillary lost. Educate yourself.”

So I asked her to write this issue’s Political Fix and she agreed and added, “And I retract my statement that you have a closed mind apparently you don’t.”

Ms Richter runs a business and takes care of a family ranch so only had time to write a short blurb. That left me with three-fourths of a column to fill. Then, out of the blue I received another Pro-Trump email from Beverly Santos.

I’ll just consider it serendipity.

Let’s start with Ms. Richter’s column:

At first glance the thought of Trump running for president was entertaining at most. But the more I tuned in and started listening to what Trump was saying the more I like him. Primarily because he is not a career politician. He is passionate and says things off-the-cuff, but at the end of the day I think it’s his deeds we need to consider more.

Obama was a smooth talker. Trump is different. Trump is like a bull in a China shop and his base is ok with this.

 A wise man surrounds himself with men wiser than he and that’s exactly what Trump has done.

 I believe Trump has demonstrated his achievements with significant tax cuts resulting in more jobs and improved economy resulting Dow Jones record highs. Also with a fair trade agreement, Trump is working to bring companies back to the USA, while protecting the peace of the United States through strength.

By rebuilding our military, empowering military leaders to reduce the need for the White House sign off on every mission, helping our vets by giving them more healthcare choices, making good on a campaign promise by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

We’ve had an increase in the arrest of people in criminal organizations such as MS 13 gang members. Trump backed out of the horrible Iran deal, North and South Korea are talking, the border wall has started, Isis has lost most of the territory they once controlled, and Iraq and Syria and terror attacks are down.

Common sense 101 guides Trump to only gives foreign aid to those who respect us, not to those that hate us and burn our flag.

Trump doesn’t hold back and that’s what his base loves. Putting America first.

We are a nation founded under God and deep faith.

In my opinion, Trump is unflappable. A normal person would have cowered and quit already.

Say what you will about President Trump, but I think he has accomplished more than most, given his time in office.

The following opinion was written by Beverly Santos:

You ask what is President Trump’s base thinking? Well, I can tell you some.

First off he was not my first pick but with the choice we had he was the only choice for me. I would never have voted for Hillary because she is considered “democratic royalty”. When the results came in her base went nuts. It seems that liberal democrats can’t accept any loss and especially to Trump.

That being said, one of the most appealing aspects about our President is that he is NOT a career politician. He is a businessman. He made several promises that he has fulfilled already unlike other Presidents. He is also working on some of the other promises he campaigned on. Our economy is doing well and there are more people employed now. If the liberals would stop opposing him at every turn it might be possible to accomplish even more.

Our military is stronger now with great people in command of it. This makes us more safe. This country is now stronger in the eyes of the world too. There have been no recent terror attacks on our soil because of it.

Your article talked about indictment. There is no proof that President Trump knew about anything and yet the process is still going on wasting millions of taxpayer dollars! As I see it all these things that are reported on ad nauseaum is a typical tactic of the liberal media. The liberal media would like to see him impeached, but I think they should look up what an impeachable offense is.

The tax cuts our President made have helped many middle class people be able to keep more of their hard earned money, until of course, California taxed gas yet again.

His base doesn’t care about his sex life either. That’s between his wife and him. As I remember, President Clinton had plenty of affairs including WHILE he was in the White House! No democrat cared and Hillary et al crucified Ms. Monica L. and the others that dared testify against him. Hillary didn’t care about those women.

President Trump is putting America first. He has ended several terrible deals that were made during the last administration. He is a Proud American and he is treating our allies with respect. He actually did move the American embassy to Jerusalem which others said they would do, but never did.

Most of the people that run for office talk a good line but when they get elected their promises get sidelined most of the time. Once elected they are more concerned with getting re-elected – lining their pockets with money and the power that comes with being a politician.

Then they don’t have time for anything that they talked about when campaigning. President Trump has not done that and both parties are mad that he is not “following” the business as usual in D.C.

I was a lifelong Democrat, my parents were too. That is, until about 6 years ago. I feel like my Liberty is slowly being taken away and I’m sure the framers of this nation would be appalled at what is happening.

I could go on and on but will conclude here.

At the end of Ms. Richter’s email submitting her column she said in reference to my writings about my grandmother, Florence Doe:

“P.S. your grandmother sounds like a very wise woman. And remember this, those old sayings hold a lot of truth…Birds of a feather do flock together. ”

She didn’t convince me to vote for Mr. Trump, but she did remind me that we all have common ground.

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  1. And if the GOP hadn’t opposed Obama and wasted millions we would be further along also, hope you like strong medicine we are voting trumpbase out.

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