Political Fix (2 January, 2020)

It’s a Wrap – a Look at the Past year and Decade It is a no-news-is-good-news story for Visalia when it comes to the yearly wrap up. The city has yet to make the top ten except when it canceled its Fourth of July fireworks show. I thought the tide had turned for Tulare in […]

Political Fix (19 December, 2019)

The Shakedown of Curtimade Dairy In a lawsuit filed on July 31 of this year, Curtimade Dairy is being sued by the city of Corcoran for $65 million for nitrate contamination of its municipal wells. Nitrate contamination is rampant throughout the Central Valley and happens naturally, but is primarily caused by over pumping, fertilizers, pesticides, […]

Political Fix (7 November, 2019)

Local elections heat up – Amy Shuklian has a challenger What was looking like a pretty dull election year just got interesting for Tulare County Board of Supervisors (TCBOS) District 3. In a well fought 2016 District 3 campaign, then Visalia City Council member Amy Shuklian beat incumbent Phil Cox. Her victory was an upset […]

Political Fix (17 October, 2019)

Should Visalia Allow Pot Dispensaries? I have been covering the grand reveal of Visalia’s Annual Opinion Poll for the last six years and it’s usually a love fest over how wonderful Visalia is. This year’s results presented by the Citizens Action Committee (CAC) during the October 7 city council work session were no different. The […]

3 October, 2019

Should President Trump be Impeached? The peaceful transfer of power through elections is the cornerstone of our democracy. If voters believe the president is doing a bad job or he has broken the law then he or she should face the will of the people in an election. But then there is that pesky document, […]

Political Fix (19 September, 2019)

Who will ValleyCrats vote for? The pool of Democratic presidential candidates is among the largest and most diverse in the history of primaries in the United States and this time California actually has a say who that nominee might be. Do you know who you are going to vote for on March 3? Though the […]