Political Fix (15 June, 2017)

American Exceptionalism Growing up, learning about our country’s history, I remember many ways America was exceptional. Our exceptionalism started in earnest with World War II when we churned out an entire ship in 4 days and 15 hours at the Richmond ship yard. Then the United States spearheaded the Marshall Plan that helped rebuild Europe […]

Political Fix (18 May, 2017)

The Paradigm Shift Here is the Republican Party’s dilemma. In 2010, the majority of Americans were against universal healthcare and the Republican Party gave those Americans a voice. Then Obamacare became law and started savings lives. Since the advent of Obamacare there has been a paradigm shift from the belief that access to health- care […]

Political Fix (4 May, 2017)

Humble Beginnings President Trump’s honeymoon with the American people is officially over at 100 days. So how did he do? In his opinion he says, “I truly believe that the first 100 days of my administration has been just about the most successful in our country’s history.” Now that’s a statement that I can rally […]

Political Fix (20 April, 2017)

Let Them Eat Cake Now that the GOP is focused on Tax Reform, President Donald Trump can use his office to do a little family estate planning. Let’s start at the end and work our way back. I don’t claim to fully understand the GOP tax reform bill but here is the gist. The GOP […]

Political Fix (6 April, 2017)

The Missing Jersey, Russia and Congressman Devin Nunes Unless you live with a New England Patriots fan, most readers may not be aware that quarterback Tom Brady’s jersey was stolen after the Super Bowl in January. Someone posing as a member of the international media went into the Patriots’ locker room and stole the jersey […]

Political Fix (16 March, 2017)

When I first wrote about Alex in the January 19 Political Fix he was curled up in an ICU bed de-toxing with liver damage. Roo, the dog he always wanted, had just died at a very young age. But I felt certain this was the end of a string of bad luck for Alex and […]

Political Fix (2 March, 2017)

Getting into the Weeds on the Pot Issue What’s the only problem with smoking marijuana? It means your stash just got a little smaller. After writing a half dozen articles on the legalization of pot this is the most accurate statement I’ve heard yet. The vagueness of Proposition 64 and rumors have lead to a […]

Political Fix (2 February, 2017)

Donald Trump said during his campaign that his presidency “will be like nothing you have ever seen before.” Truer words were never spoken. There have been massive protests, marches here and abroad, scads of executive orders, new phrases coined, nationwide detentions at airports, and the firing of the acting United States Attorney General. Pres. Trump’s […]

Political Fix (19 January, 2017)

What are you doing the morning of January 20th? Over one million people will be attending the presidential inauguration–and a few very excited Republicans from Kings and Tulare County will be among the attendees. Congress plays host to the inauguration and each member of the House received 197 tickets to give to their constituents. The […]