More turmoil at Tulare Public Cemetery

Rest in Peace is more of a suggestion than reality at the Tulare Public Cemetery District. After a first round of board resignations and longtime employee departures in September of 2017, a second round of resignations has hit the district. Two newly appointed trustees have resigned, employees have been fired, and one more case of […]

JLAC approves audit of Tulare Regional Medical Center

Today, the Joint Legislative Audit Committee (JLAC) unanimously approved a request by Senator Jean Fuller (R-Bakersfield) to audit the Healthcare Conglomerate Associates, Tulare Regional Medical Center, and the Tulare Local Health Care District. “This audit is necessary to ensure local bonds intended to support a community hospital were used appropriately, efficiently and effectively,” said Senator […]

Tulare hospital seeks to invalidate Evolutions deed

A federal bankruptcy court has been asked to decide whether a deed of trust placed on Tulare’s Evolutions gym, and its adjacent property, is legal. The Tulare Local Healthcare District, which owns Evolutions, filed a new lawsuit against Healthcare Conglomerate Associates (HCCA) on January 23, claiming the company’s move to place a lien on the […]

Tulare hospital could open clinics before hospital, financials shaky yet promising

The Tulare Local Healthcare District could open its clinics before the hospital itself, the district’s board was told Wednesday night. The plan to reopen the clinics before the hospital was still in the air, the hospital’s interim CEO, Larry Blitz, said, but it was being heavily pursued. “Supposedly, there’s a rule that you can’t do […]