Tulare Cemetery Chair Xavier Avila Receives Cease and Desist Letter

Tulare Public Cemetery District (TPCD) Chair Xavier Avila received a letter from the Law Offices of Melo and Sarsfield on January 7 to stop communicating with the founder of the Caring Cause Facebook group, Elaine Hollingsworth. Avila threatened Hollingsworth, the group administrator, with legal action on January 7. According to Hollingsworth, his text stated: “You […]

Political Fix (7 January, 2022)

Take this job and shove it – A wrap up of the year 2021 It’s the anniversary of the January 6 riots on our capitol, but the number I can’t get out of my head is 21.4 million. That’s how many people have quit their jobs since July, the highest number since the Bureau of […]

Discovery of new disinterment leads to more questions at Tulare Cemetery

Editor’s Note: The Valley Voice would like to issue a correction. In the December 16 article The Valley Voice stated, “Neither Randy nor Keri Santos can request compensation for the grief caused by the district’s mistake.” This statement is incorrect. The Valley Voice based their statement on Tulare Public Cemetery District form that the Santos […]

Chair, former office manager implicated in alleged criminal activity at Tulare Cemetery

Charlie Ramos, a Tulare Public Cemetery District trustee, accused the district’s former office manager Leonor Castaneda of committing a felony in an April 12 report filed with the Tulare Police Department. The police department’s report states that Castaneda did not act alone. According to Castaneda and other witnesses, TPCD Chair Xavier Avila also participated in […]