Sarah Hacker headed towards an upset victory for Kings County District Attorney

With approximately half the ballots counted in Kings County, Sarah Hacker is up by 15 points with 57.39% of the vote to 42.61% for Kings County District Attorney Keith Fagundes.

The campaign was an uphill battle for Hacker in her attempt to unseat an incumbent. Fagundes had come under recent fire over financial irregularities and a lawsuit accusing him of creating a hostile work place. The DA’s race also caught the attention of the rest of the state as Fagundes had been the only DA in California to prosecute women who had given birth to stillborns possibly as a result of methamphetamine use.

In other races Rusty Robinson is 19 points ahead of Alicia Ramirez in the race for the Board of Supervisor District 4, and Kings County’s public safety measure, Measure F, is losing by about 20 points.

In Tulare County it looks like Tulare County Board of Supervisor Eddie Valero and Scott Harness are headed to the general election as roughly one third of the votes have been counted.

Measure U, a measure to fund the Exeter Cemetery District that includes Farmersville cemetery needs 66% to win and is currently at 59.72.

More updates will be posted by the voter registrars in about an hour.

Stay tuned for the Congressional races, including the former CD22 wtih Connie Conway and Lourin Hubbard.

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  1. Fagundes needs to buy a new wardrobe now that he can’t wear his stupid T shirts with his name on them and the DA logo. Knowing him, he’ll still wear them and cry himself to sleep over losing to the 1st woman DA in Kings County history. Fagundes, the community has fired you and selected Ms Hacker for the job! Congratulations Ms. Sarah Hacker…the People’s choice! Taking our DA’s office back from the hands of incompetence.

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