How to Present Your Home to Prospective Buyers

So, you’ve finally chosen a Realtor to list your home—now what? Most Realtors will guide you through the home selling process with organization and timeliness. Occasionally, though, details are overlooked. Beyond the paperwork needing to be completed, there is now a necessity to prepare your home for newfound attention. Photographs, open houses, and showings are […]

The Secret to Eternal Life

For countless thousands of years, humankind has run, jumped, swam and thrown things all in an effort either to procure food or else keep from becoming it. Walking upright, in fact–and all the activity that allows–is a signature characteristic of our species. I would even argue that we appreciate athletic excellence not merely for competition’s […]

Response to Tulare County

In response to the Valley Voice’s article on the “County Responds to Mooney Grove Cat Controversy,” Dr. Weber, a TNR volunteer, had these comments: Supervisor Cox was offended that the county was portrayed as all we want to do is kill cats, which is far from the truth. What is the truth? As has been […]

Rethinking Medical Marijuana

Recently, medical marijuana has been repeatedly attacked in both local media in Tulare, and even statewide. We often will read in the paper, or watch mindlessly on our TV screens, disinformation that teaches us of apparent “inherent violence” in the medical marijuana community. What a lot of these stories being run are not telling you […]

RE Report: Winter Housing Market

As we enter 2014, there is renewed optimism in the real estate market. Varying expert sales forecasts have somewhat tempered expectations, but new residential construction activity and solid existing home sales hint at continued market strength. While the number of sold houses over this summer and holiday season has not increased in comparison to the […]


On the first day of high school physics, our teacher chalked T.A.N.S.T.A.A.F.L. onto the blackboard. He then turned to us, pointed at what was obviously an acronym, and asked if anyone knew what the letters stood for. We were all clearly stumped, so he offered a hint. “It’s the first rule of physics.” When this […]

Valley Ag to Reap Rewards of Blooming Trade Pacts

The San Joaquin Valley has suffered for years from over-regulation and a resulting man-made drought. With the U.S. Senate having blocked a comprehensive water solution, the lack of surface water is creating excessive demand on the aquifer, threatening even worse water problems in the future. These policies – imposed by big-government adherents and environmental extremists […]

Another Close Shave

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the manse not a creature was stirring, not even the ants. Instructions were spread on the floor in Chinese, in hopes that assembly would happen with ease. The presents were piled by the tree in a heap, each one to be wrapped while the kids were asleep. […]