Re: Two for the Road

Mr. Oldenbourg,

I have always enjoyed reading the Valley Voice in the past, it always had excellent articles on not only the history of the Valley, but it also kept up with the current news. Since the Valley Voice got a second chance at life, I have noticed that a certain view or opinion seems to be pushed. I just read the article regarding the raffle of handguns by acting Sheriff Mike Boudreaux, it became very clear that you are not a fan of Mr. Boudreaux, or of handguns. While I do not know Mr. Boudreaux, I do have family and friends in Law Enforcement that feel he is doing a good job as acting Sheriff and will do a good job as Sheriff.

Now about your rant on people having handguns and you not feeling safe. The world is not a safe place and is getting less safe every day. While I will agree that not everyone should have a handgun, or carry a handgun, I do not agree in the (gun buy back program). This is just one more way for our rights to be stripped away by people who think they are smarter than the rest of us, and that we are not capable of having a weapon without it making us do something bad; as if the gun has the ability to make us evil. We both know this is nonsense.

I am glad that we live in a place where we have the right to buy a gun or to win one in a raffle. I will do what I can do keep that right. It seems that telling people what they should and should not do is becoming very popular with liberals todays, and that is sad. Have you ever tried to educate yourself on guns or have you even fired a weapon? Probably not. That’s another great thing about the U.S., we all have the right to our opinion, and that is do to our founding fathers and the brave men and women who guarantee that right by standing watch, people like Mr. Boudreaux. Oh, and they all did it while carrying a gun.

David B.


Editor’s response: I never said I do not feel safe. I feel so safe that I don’t carry a gun.

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