Rethinking Medical Marijuana

Recently, medical marijuana has been repeatedly attacked in both local media in Tulare, and even statewide. We often will read in the paper, or watch mindlessly on our TV screens, disinformation that teaches us of apparent “inherent violence” in the medical marijuana community. What a lot of these stories being run are not telling you is that these are not your normal patients, and in many cases not legal patients at all. Often time, people wielding firearms and conducting violent acts are not growing within the current legal code of conduct anyway.

Another problem us cardholders face is that we are usually ultimately associated or connected with these types of cartel organizations. And when we do abide by the law for our medical needs legitimately, the law is often very vague and almost seems written to include fines or even incarceration for what are real and serious health issues and needs of the citizens.

Prop 215, the Compassionate Use Act, cannot be forgotten and the real and almost miracle-like medicinal qualities of marijuana cannot be forgotten. I myself was paralyzed from the waist down and was mentally and emotionally shackled by harmful narcotic pharmaceutical drugs until I started using medical marijuana. Upon such a serious threat to our real and extremely important medical community, what we need most is a voice, a voice for the people.

What I am proposing as a simple citizen of Tulare, and a cardholder, is a group, collaboration or coalition of legitimate citizens and cardholders to help direct our own future, with our absolute number one priority being public and community safety, especially and always for the children. I think that if true and legal cardholders were to meet regularly, we could easily ratify ideas that could not only improve the safety of our communities by stopping crime by reducing prices, but also introduce new ideas working with the state to monitor and perhaps even tax medical marijuana in the future.

Either way, our industry needs legitimate direction and organization, and as a citizen and cardholder, I, Roger Southfield, am prepared to guide our community in any positive way possible.

Roger Southfield, Director
“Common Sense & Change”

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