The Long, Upstream Swim of the Salmon

Pleased as I’ve been recently by all the attention afforded the Boudreaux gun raffle flap, still, I’m galled that everyone has missed the point. Poor Boudreaux has taken it in the shorts of late, and the overwhelming sentiment in print has been that the raffle itself was a shady operation. Maybe–but let’s give him a […]

Water Storage is Key to Region’s Future

Tulare Irrigation District has proposed a new reservoir at McKay Point, near Lemon Cove and Woodlake, to provide new water storage, flood control and more efficient distribution of water for agriculture. The McKay Point project, proposed to be located north of the separation of the Kaweah and St. Johns rivers, is a joint venture of […]

Tulare County EDC Responds

The Tulare County Board of Supervisors recently decided to pull its funding to the Tulare County Economic Development Corporation (EDC). The vote was 4-1, with Supervisor Pete Vander Poel the lone vote against this move. Comments made by the other four Supervisors called into question the performance of Board of Directors of the EDC and […]

Re: Two for the Road

Mr. Oldenbourg, Just read From the Publisher’s Desk column in the March 6th edition of the Valley Voice. Just want you to know that I support Sheriff Boudreaux and will vote for him. The very fact that he had a gun raffle shows that he is in touch with the citizens of Tulare County, except […]

Re: Two for the Road

Mr. Oldenbourg, I have always enjoyed reading the Valley Voice in the past, it always had excellent articles on not only the history of the Valley, but it also kept up with the current news. Since the Valley Voice got a second chance at life, I have noticed that a certain view or opinion seems […]

Budget Realignment Reflects Pentagon’s Vision of Covert and Endless War

The Pentagon’s budget proposal for next year was announced last week by Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. In an interview with The New York Times, Hagel argued that to meet today’s national security needs, the Department of Defense (DoD) must shift its focus and capabilities away from “fighting grinding ground conflicts” and towards “new arenas […]