Letter: Vote Kaelble

In a recent candidate forum that took place in Porterville, the current District Attorney, Tim Ward, trivialized law enforcement officers throughout the county. Mr. Ward stated that the seven local law enforcement officer associations who endorsed Ralph F. Kaelble for District Attorney did so simply because under Tim’s watch, the DA’s office had to bring […]

Whaley Responds to Case Dismissal

I read with astonishment the article headlined “DA rejects fraud case” in the April 24th Visalia Times-Delta. The sub header was entitled “FPPC finds no campaign rules were broken during raffle.” This article left people asking questions about several issues that have been previously covered regarding the illegal raffle/lottery. Acting Sheriff Boudreaux states that the […]


During our last layout session, flummoxed by too many bunny images with which to festoon the masthead in honor of Easter, I decided–in my indecision–to go with something completely different: An Easter Island moai. This set our associate editor to chuckling. “What’ll you put on the May first issue,” he asked– “a hammer and sickle?” […]

Why the Truth About 9-11 is Important

Do you believe the official 9-11 report? Why? According to AE911Truth, there is scientific proof that the Twin Towers and Building #7 were demolished by explosives. Many Americans agree with the architects and engineers of AE911Truth that a new independent investigation into 9-11 is needed because of the facts they have discovered. Why is the […]