Letter: Vote Kaelble

In a recent candidate forum that took place in Porterville, the current District Attorney, Tim Ward, trivialized law enforcement officers throughout the county.

Mr. Ward stated that the seven local law enforcement officer associations who endorsed Ralph F. Kaelble for District Attorney did so simply because under Tim’s watch, the DA’s office had to bring charges against a few officers. This statement is absolutely ludicrous, as our local law enforcement officers are committed to seeking justice and upholding the law, no matter what. If an officer commits a crime, other officers want that person prosecuted because he or she makes the honest and hardworking officers look bad. They would not retaliate against the DA for doing his job.

Furthermore, Mr. Ward whined that these associations had boards of representatives vote to endorse Mr. Kaelble, and that it was not reflective of the entire association. This statement is comical because Mr. Ward spoke in front of the same association board members and asked them to endorse him. They chose not to, and now he is bitter. All of the local associations chose Mr. Kaelble, so Mr. Ward is trying to minimize the importance of these endorsements. Some associations opened voting to all members, and Mr. Kaelble still won.

Mr. Ward is proud of the fact and quick to note that the Tulare County Board of Supervisors has endorsed him. A board that is comprised of elected officials. How are the associations’ boards any different? The only difference is that Mr. Kaelble was not given the opportunity to speak to the Board of Supervisors.

Although I am not a member of any of these associations (did I mention Mr. Ward repeatedly called them unions in an effort to evoke negative emotions from conservative Tulare County voters?), I witnessed Mr. Ward’s comments and was deeply offended and appalled on behalf on the hard-working law enforcement officers who just want to do the right thing.

We do not support negative political agendas that strike out against the candidate’s family members and don’t believe that this behavior should tolerated by voters. The firing of 15 year Tulare County ADA veteran Afreen Kaelble, Ralph Kaelble’s wife hit below the belt.
I will be the first in line to show Mr. Ward how I feel about his comments on Election Day.

Robert & Lynn Lassotovitch

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