Re: Two for the Road

Mr. Oldenbourg,

Just read From the Publisher’s Desk column in the March 6th edition of the Valley Voice.

Just want you to know that I support Sheriff Boudreaux and will vote for him. The very fact that he had a gun raffle shows that he is in touch with the citizens of Tulare County, except maybe for you. (Are you a native of Tulare County? I am.)

We need MORE guns in society and more people carrying them. That’s the only way to have any measure of security from criminals and also as a prevention against governement going bad.

So, Mr. Oldenbourg, you are entitled to your opinion and to publish it and you now at least have my feedback disagreeing with it.

Jess King


Editor’s response: What does it matter if I’m a native of Tulare County or not?

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