Who’s Your Eddie?

Like some malarial recrudescence, the election season is back in our collective bloodstream. For these midterms, voting by mail–starting 7 May–will continue through the 29th. The big day itself, of course, is 5 June. I can’t think of June without thinking of Barbara Billingsley as Mrs. Cleaver–famously, the Beav’s mom. And I can’t think of […]

The Koreas’ Spectacular Rendezvous

From the De-militarized Zone (DMZ) of the world’s most reclusive and dangerous region: “Great Expectation” To reiterate the amazing writing skills of one of England’s brilliant writers, Charles Dickens. And William Shakespeare’s “To be or not to be…that is the question” from Hamlet, one of the Bard’s most famous plays. I raise the latter because […]

Dateline: Baku

It took us three flights and 24 hours to travel 12 time zones—halfway around the world. But we managed our sleep in transit and were able to rise with the sun over the Caspian Sea on the morning of our first day. After an improvised brew of coffee through a tea maker, taken on our […]

Along came Jones

I plopped down in my easy chair and turned on Channel 3 A manager called Salty Joe was a chasin’ Chief Hensley He trapped him in paid admin and said with an awful thrill, “Now, I’m not allowed to say anything, But I can fire you at will!” And then he was told to (and […]

When the Ritual Ended

When the Ritual ended, and all of our friends went home, all of our friends remained in the room. We had some drinking to do while all of our friends came home from Korea. We hoped they’d each complete their journey, and that a capricious writer wouldn’t somehow jettison one of them into the sea, […]

A note on our commenting system

We’re testing out a new feature that will give each person posting a comment in a story a unique “Commenter ID.”   This ID will belong to that person throughout their comments on that story only, regardless of whether their commenter name is changed. It won’t persist through multiple articles.   We hope that this […]